Thursday, March 3, 2011

BeautyFull Thursday + a MANdate!

I've released myself from the shackles of "BeautyFull Tuesdays," since it's 
a) too much pressure [apparently]
b) sometimes news from MAN-land takes precedence
c) Why should only Tuesday be BeautyFull?  This Tuesday, for instance, SUCKED. Today is much more gorg!
That said, I bring you yet ANOTHER gift from mascara-ville:

Okay, so we've established I clearly have a mascara addiction [aka I'm a junkie], but for years I've been buying a separate waterproof version of whatever mascara I'm flirting with at the time just for my lower lashes, since normal formulas don't stay on and inevitably smudge into my concealer (heaven forbid!) 
So I am freakin' overjoyed to announce that this teeny, tiny Clinique mascara actually stays on AND doesn't smudge!  Plus it's only $10 and, did I mention, TINY?  What tiny thing is not cute, I ask you? I mean, it's like the puppy of the mascara world.  Okay, don't judge. Maybe I had too much caffeine at lunch. Sue me.
You can find this little piece of brilliance {here}.

Now, on to news from MANdy land!
[wow, am I super dork-tastic today or WHAT?]

I don't have a ton to report, but will report nonetheless!
SoCal [ie "NO!Cal" ie "SoGone"]....Is just that- gone. Or at least I think so as I'm pretty much  
                              trying to wipe him and his lame, loserass self from my brain and move on.  Obviously haven't heard from him since his infinite idiocy Saturday night, although today I posted something about nyc concerts on my FB page and he "liked" it. Not surprised. Hey, SoCal- guess what LINDSEY likes? BOYS THAT CALL AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEIR FREAKING PLANS!
Phew- vent over! I feel better!

The Streak and I are now besties.  For realsies.  We talk [ie chat on gchat] pretty much all day.  I have become the person he talks/vents to about his job situation.  And we send each other ridiculous links amongst other things about 12 times a day.  Our new obsession? Salad taglines.  Why, you ask?  Well, I'm trying to shed the extra 10lbs of winter insulation (aka "fat") I've larded on in the past few months of bitter cold, hence I've been eating salads for lunch.  FYI, salad? SUCKS.  So I im'd him: 
ME: "I just ate the most unsatifying salad."
HIM: "What was in it- sawdust and sadness?"
ME: "Here's my new tagline for salad: Salad. Underwhelming."
HIM: "Salad. Meh."
ME: "Salad. For when you want to be hungry again immediately after."
HIM: "Salad. Because you're feeling gay." [nothing against the gays. i love the gays]"
ME"Salad. So you can ask yourself 'wait-did I eat lunch today? Oh yeah. Shit. I had salad."
HIM: "Salad. A big bowl-full of disappointment."
ME"Salad. Because I hate myself."
HIM: "Salad. Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

I could keep going, but I will spare you.  Just a little glimpse into my relationship with The Streak. He's hilarious. And, brilliant [that part may not be exemplified above, but trust me. Major brainiac.]
We have plans to meet out in Brookland for Mexican food for lunch this Saturday.  I have been seriously considering having a "we should just be friends" chat with him. I just really really enjoy hanging out with him and being friends, and I feel like the "other" stuff maybe makes him feel pressure or something?  I'm just not sure how that kind of convo would go.  I'm just trying to level the playing field and put him at ease, and I feel like that would do the trick.  But...who knows with these dumb boys!  Any advice?  I'll take it!

Ah, Drummer Boy.  What a strange comeback!  I really thought he was gone, and honestly, am mostly indifferent.  But, he's sweet and definitely not any kind of commitment, since he's my APO guy anyway. However, Drummer Boy's band is doing really REALLY well. Like, they could potentially be big at some point.  Do I like their music? That is beside the point. [No.] But I do LOVE music in general, especially live, and watching him play would definitely be pretty hot.  We're FB friends and I get notified about their shows, but I'd never just show up there.  Lord knows what happened the last time I was actually invited to someone's show!  But, lo and behold, they are playing a big show at the Highline Ballroom, which is very impressive and Drummer Boy actually told me I should come. I figured "hell, why not?" and have already slated two awesome, young and crazy wing-women to join me.  It's not for a few weeks, so look out for that one. Should be mighty interesting...

El Señor, or "El Sombrero" as Dbots likes to call him, has been clearly MIA. Apparently, he moved! Took some big-shot job in LA. We were chatting on FB the other day and he told me the whole story, starting with "well, you know I took the job in LA." Um, no, dum dum. How would I know that? You'd have to, you know, tell me that for me to possess that knowledge. Anyway, he has since decided he did not like that job, quit that job, hung out in Mexico with his fam for awhile, and is now headed back to NYC. I got an FB note from him today simply saying "Will you be waiting for me with a bottle?"  I promptly wrote back "Wouldn't that be so nice for you?"  It's already shaping up to be a very interesting weekend. Or, !fin de semana!

The Chef. Meh.
Interestingly enough, just as I was thinking "has he EVER asked me out on an actual date since that one or two in the very beginning?" (not that I really care), he texted me on Tuesday asking what I was doing after work. I informed I'd be laying motionless on my couch due to the fact I decided to eat "sushi" from Whole Foods the night before and, let's just say, it was a BAD BAD idea.  Like missed work a whole day bad.  So, I'm sure he'll be hitting me up late Saturday night, per usual, however I probably won't be available since I have a date with....

RICHIE.  [no icon yet, we'll have to see if he sticks around, and what that icon may be. I know, I'm sure you're all DYING with excitement.]
We've been having some truly hilarz text-changes the past few days-- now that's what I call "maintenance." Excellent work, Richie.  Already off to a great start.  AND, today?
He called!
Apparently, there ARE men out there who actually have knowledge of how to USE THE PHONE.
who. knew?
We had a delightful, funny, quick little convo and I'm definitely looking forward to our date Saturday night!  I'm also crossing my fingers that the attraction/chemistry is there, because that is my only fear. Oh, also slightly concerned about the height. Going to have a serious shoe deliberation before this one. Oy!

And....that's all she wrote.  Want more? [I doubt it-- that was like a freakin' novela!] But you can also follow me on both of my twitter accounts: @linzmisadventure and @linzfaryl. Why two accounts? I have to keep them separate for obvious reasons, and I tend to tweet more from @linzfaryl, although it's usually just my random brain musings there and not date-related. Just sayin'.
Keep the comments coming, pretties! I love 'em!


  1. I think you should just keep going with things with the Streak as you have been for the last little while. Obviously he likes what is going on. Unless you are uncomfortable with the current situation, why switch it up. If he truly is brilliant, he will be able to let you know what he is wanting right now. Just what I would do. Good luck :)

  2. Loved the salad banter! The Streak can definitely play ball in the humor dept.

  3. Hah great advice Marissa, although just because a guy is smart doesn't mean he isn't also a total dum-dum. We shall see!

    So true, Kristen! Hopefully more funny sound-bites from tomorrow's fiesta lunch. :)

  4. I was wondering when you were going to post on the Clinique bottom lash mascara! I saw you mention it on twitter! I am in LOVE with this tiny bottle of mascara. BEST. INVENTION. EVER!
    Love your blog! :)

  5. Don't worry about Richie's height. If he's any kind of man, he doesn't worry about it. My good friend from college is smokin' hot and about 5'8" and married a 6 foot tall girl, and they look awesome together, AND she wears heels.

  6. I can't wait to get the Clinique mascara, I'm such a mascara girl and always looking for good bottom lash mascara. I'm currently using BadGirl mascara for all my lashes and it's AMAZING, even better than Dior Show in my opinion.