Thursday, March 17, 2011

MANdate: Oh, the irony!


* 2nd day of El Señor working at el office.
* Wore an even BETTER outfit today.  
* Was told by two guys that I "looked hot." Okay, one was gay, but does that really matter?
* So, did I even SEE El Señor?  Nope. This is getting exhausting.  I feel the Lululemon pants and t-shirt coming on REAL soon. Screw this.


* [backstory]:  Recently, BFWB told me it was time for me to write another song.  I then informed him that the one song I've ever written (aka my divorce anthem entitled "Man Up") was a fluke that happened on a random night after random inspiration. And, that would probably never happen again. 
*He then told me "tough shit," and to find some other inspiration.  And then, I did: SoCal.
I began mulling over his incredibly sporadic, confusing and wishy-washy behavior and somehow came up with a song I am pretty damn pleased with.  And, BFWB likes it too [so far], which is always the ultimate affirmation. 
* So, yesterday on FB I posted "A special shout-out to all the dbags in my life. Your dbaggery helped me write an awesome new song!"
* And, tonight in the ultimate irony of ironies, SoCal "liked" that post.
I wonder exactly whom he thinks I'm referring to...
You. Just. Have. To. Laugh.

Oh, Universe. You have one seriously wacktastic sense of humor. 
I hope you've sufficiently amused yourself.
You must be a dude.


  1. Bahaha, I wish your posts had "like" buttons--I'd hit it every time!

  2. I agree with "that one girl"! All your posts are great. And life can be so ironic at times, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!

  3. Aw you guys make me feel all warm, fuzzy n' tomato-soupy inside! Thanks for the love.

  4. i really need to believe that the universe is not a dude. please retract. thank you. love you.