Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MANdate: Some serious MANanigans.

Yesterday, totes miz rainy Monday.  
As if Monday needed help sucking any worse? 

Meanwhile, mid-day, SoCal POKED me on FB.  Um, helloooo....2008 called, they want their POKE back. 
So, I resisted as long as I could, and then eventually I txted him and gave him shit for that.  We then txtchanged for a bit and i found out he's still been sick, cancelled his snowboarding trip (therefore was in town all weekend...hmmm), his dog got into a fight with another dog and had to be at the vet, and I get a poke (of the virtual variety) on a Monday.  SUPER.

I think it's safe to say I've truly never experienced a guy playing things as odd as this one has.  And, if he ever actually askes me to hang out again, I cannot wait to tell him all of this to his face.  For realises, y'all.  Just standby, cause that's gonna be a GOOD event. Confession:  I'm kind of just playing along at this point so I can finally make it to the next phase.  Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna see him sweat! The heat is on.....

Also yesterday, El Señor popped in during work and asked if I wanted to go to 'Bucks across the street for a coffee break with him.  Even though my stomach was stil not feeling so hot, I decided one coffee break wouldn't kill me.  So we sat and talked for a few.  Honestly, the more we talk, the less I feel.  I'm actually starting to think we have NO chemistry [in any other way than kissing].  It's muy weird.  So he's telling me about how he's been hating being sick because he can't go to the gym. I told him I also wanted to go to the gym today, but my stomach's really bothering me and I don't think I can.  His response? (Please read in spanish accent otherwise it's nowhere near as hilballz):
"Jus poop.  Then, ju can go to workout."


Now I dont know about y'all, but that sounds like sexy some pillow talk to me.  
Oh, no. 

I know it's now officially Spring.  
Perhaps I need to do some Spring cleaning....of the MAN variety.

Ay Caramba.


  1. Leave it to the Latinos, they just like to keep things real..maybe a lil too real at times! Haha! I love your blog! Totally makes my day everytime I read it.

  2. muhahaha! thanks for making me giggle early on a Wednesday morning! Can't wait for you and socal to ACTUALLY hang out so we can read all about it.. =)

  3. omgosh! i would have called it quits at that comment from el senor. but i'm glad you agree on RB because that fact that she is still trending on twitter is ridic!

  4. I love that he just said that! Maybe it's just a good sign....that he is comfortable with you? Granted, maybe too comfortable...

  5. oy, lindz. this week blows. is it fri-day-of-rock yet? x

  6. Can I just say that I feel like we are old friends and I just love hearing about your catalog of men....?Man-a-log? either way, I love it haha

  7. Commenting before I read the post - love my my Artliner!! Been a faithful follower for years. I'll do anything for that all-day stay.