Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BeautyFull Wednesday: Don't Be So Dirty.

Welcome to Wednesday! 
Ah, if only "hump day" had a different meaning...

At least we can make it a little more beautiful, right?  Or in this case, SMELL a little more beautiful.

First off, you should all be tres impressed that I'm about to blog about a perfume.  Why?  I mostly LOATHE them.  It's not even really that I hate them per se, but that I have a highly sensitive nose and find a large number of the fragrances the women of the world are taking a french whore-bath in to be an OLFACTORY NIGHTMARE.  
It even happened twice today: at Starbucks, I almost vomited on a woman's scrunchie [another cause for vomiting, actually] due to her fragrance scent I can best describe as "Spree candy + dirt." Bleech.
Then, during the hellacious spin class I opted to take after work, the chick spinning next to me was rocking some hideous floral explosion that I was basically EATING as I huffed and puffed through the class.  Neat-o.
But, one day when I collected on some of my free Sephora samples, I was given this:

outdoor shower fresh
If you are anything like me, you will love this scent.  What does it smell like?  Um, a clean fresh outdoor shower. Duh.  [No seriously, it DOES!]  PLUS, it's totally passed the man-test.  Perfume rarely even stays on my skin [am I perfume cursed???], but I'm always pleasantly surprised, after a hug or kiss with a dude, at their very positive reaction and affirmation that "mmm, I smell great!"  For realsies.  Don't believe me?  Check her out for yourself at a nearby Sephora or order online {here}.

Now, who wants a quick MANdate?
[quiet. you're getting one anyway].

As I mentioned in my last post, El Señor had so nicely informed me that he would be starting a freelance stint at my ad agency today.  
Whoa. Or, in Spanish, ¡whoa!
We ended up chatting [online] for almost an hour last night, which was funny and a little strange, but kind of nice since we are definitely still getting to know each other.  So, this morning I took extra time to get my pretty on, pick out a cute outfit, being mindful of heel height [El Señor is Mexican. 'nuff said. ps- that's not racist, just a fact].  
Worth it?
Well, as my friends and I used to say after a bust of a night out: "what a total waste of makeup and an outfit."  (Pretty good hair too, I might add!)  Yes, I'm alluding to the fact that I did not end up even seeing El Señor today. We did, however, chat [online] for awhile today, but he never requested I come up and say hi and I'll be damned if I was going to initiate that.  Ironically, I was upstairs at the end of the day, shootin' the shite with my bro's, a normal occurrence, and I caught a glimpse of him walking out of his office to get something.  So, I texted him "Nice glasses," since I've never seen him wear them before.  He wrote back "Stalker." Awesome.  I then informed him I had no idea where he was sitting and he happened to be passing through my hangout.  He wrote back "HAhah."  At least it wasn't "LOL." But still, no "Oh where are you? Come by!"  Kinda strange, but then again, he very well may be lotsa strange.  I still don't know yet.  I did discover he's not feeling well, so maybe that was it.  Tomorrow is a new day.  A new day of having to try to look pretty again....crap.

After my spin class tonight, my out-of-shape ass found itself cemented to my couch and involved in a heavy affair with Samsung, my TV.  Sure, Samsung is sharp and entertaining, not to mention quite submissive to my wants and needs AND even records the shows I want but...I was still in a bit of a dude funk.  Then, around 11p, I got a text from SoCal.  I hadn't heard from him since a brief text-change that was literally a week ago.  And, upon stalking his FB page a few/many times, noticed he hadn't updated anything since a week ago as well.  Clearly, as decided in my rational head, he had found himself a girlfriend and was most likely off frolicking with her, hence no time/need to update FB.  The text I got out of the blue tonight?
"I've been sick. :( How are you?"
Um...once again, SoCal? SoConfusing.
My desired response:
"Hey thanks for the random text, first telling me of your woes and then, secondarily, inquiring of my well-being. Plus, awesome emoticon! I WIN!"
Did I write that? Obvs not. 
But, seriously- um...what? Is that his idea of MANtenance? Don't get me wrong, I guess some MANtenance is better than none but...when it's potentially laced with a blatant appeal for some sympathy....ugh, I don't know.  
Either way, I have just re-affirmed my previous [and, apparently quite accurate] statement:
Never try to figure out what a guy is thinking. It is a game you will almost ALWAYS lose.  
So, as always, we'll have to see. Or, we won't.  But I guess no matter what happens, I'll smell AMAZING.

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