Friday, March 11, 2011

BeautyFull Friday: Is there life on NARS?

Good GOD Friday, where the hell have you BEEN all week?  
Cheeky little day, taking forever to come.
Which, btw, if you don't know where that comes from, please familiarize yourself, STAT, {here}

And now, let's beautify, shall we?

I'm basically obsessed with all things NARS, the amazing cosmetics line that makes a truly quality product, totally worth the price [which isn't really all that high].
First, and foremost:
This lovely, light-reflecting liquid gives skin an amazing luminocity.  I use it on my cheekbones on top of my bronzer to give me that glowy, "lit from within" look.  The best part is that it never looks sparkly or cheezy, just that nice, fresh-faced-maybe-just-worked-out kind of look. Two words: Sha. Zam! I am a fan of the "Orgasm" color, but I see they now have "Super Orgasm" so see which Orgasm is best for you. Um....yeah. 
My all-time favorite eyeshadow, Bohemian Gold
This picture I swiped from the interwebs is making it look kind of weird, but when combined, the palette makes the most lovely, natural-looking and (in my opinion), universally flattering eye.  In fact, I get complimented/asked what I'm wearing frequently.  It's def my go-to every day eye situation.  Unfortunately, since NARS likes to only keep their colors in store for limited times, you can only get this baby direct from their site {here}. Well-worth it, chickadees!

And now, I'd like to leave you with the WORD OF THE DAY:

The simple act of maintaining contact with a girl you are involved with in between the times you see her.  Whether it be an email, text, tweet, FB something or, heaven forbid!, a phone call.  Just something to keep up your rapport and let her know you're still interested.

Usage in sentence:
"SoCal's lack of MANtenance is truly disappointing, confusing and/or stupid.  Why do I still like him?"
"Richie's overkill in the MANtenance department is not helping him out at all. I should never have given him my BBM."

See? Yeah of course you do. You're probably a chick and therefore vastly superior in most ways.
Happy Friday everyone...


  1. I have a sephora giftcard and I think I'm going to buy that eyeshadow, thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Oh that's awesome BUT i think it's only sold online on since they like to "discontinue" color from stores after awhile [tres annoying!]