Friday, March 25, 2011

BeautyFull Friday: Walk The Line (+ a MANdate)

It's Friday and it's time for everyone to embrace something many chicks fear:

Yes, it's annoying, messy and frustratingly hard to not screw up and/or have two completely different-looking eyes.  Not a good look, btw.  
But, if you must line those peepers (and really, sometimes you MUST), here's the best thing I've come across thus far:
It's a liquid eyeliner in a super easy to maneuver felt-tip-like pen!
So go ahead, girls. Get catty!

How bout a mega-fast MANdate? 

El Senor
He's still working at my agency and on Wednesday asked if I wanted to join him for lunch.  It was raining and I was bored, so I said yes.  Here is a conversation had at the table:
HIM:  "Leensey, jor boobs look really beeg today."
(It's true. They did. Excellent bra/top combo.)
ME:  "Wow, how nice of you to say."
HIM:  "Why so beeg? Eees it liiike....jor period or someting?"
ME: "Are you f'king serious right now with this?"
HIM: "C'mon, eets jus ju!"  (I think this means like "no big deal, we're cool."??)

I informed him we really need to work on his filter.

During lunch I definitely confirmed we have nothing (except advertising) in common and that's really not enough.  Plus homey actually has quite the ego when it comes to that. Bleech.
He did pay for my lunch-- wouldn't even let me try.  But still.
Then, as we walked back to work he spit his gum out, caught it on his foot, and kicked it into a puddle.  Damn soccer player.  It definitely made me laugh, but at this point, I see a "friend status only" in his immediate futura. Lo siento, El SeƱor.

We've been texting back and forth all week and Weds am I woke up to a text from him asking when he was going to see me.  He suggested Thursday.  I told him Thursday would be perfect as I had a party to swing by first and he could be my excuse to get outta there.
Didn't hear back from him again, but didn't think much of it.  
Thursday I put on a sexy pencil skirt and 4incher booties and was ready to rock. 
-Didn't hear from him all day.
-Finally checked in with him around 6p.
-No response back.
What the hell is with this flake-o-rama???  SO over it.  Pretty bummed too.  Why would this dooshby go to all the trouble to call/txt me if he had no intention of ever meeting me?

So, I proceeded to:
-Go to an industry party
-Spend a crazy amount of time with 2 separate guys at different points of the night only to later discover they were:
1) engaged 2) practically engaged.
-Got amazingly bombed on free drinks.
-Aaaand...hooked up with a guy...who I work with

I must say, it was quite a surprise as I've always thought he was kinda cute but never really considered him in that way.  But after spending the latter portion of the night with him, and having a great time, I figured why not explore the make-out. And it was GREAT. Like, GRRREAT.  Strong, confident, totally unexpected. 
And, I think it will be okay at work. [I think]. So far, so good.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have PLANS on the calendar!  
Granted, they're not until like 2012. Okay, first week of April.  Anyway, feels far away but it's a really cool, unique event called Sleep No More.  Anyone ever been/heard about it?  His suggestion for us to go, and that's the soonest date we could make work for both of our schedules.  So, looks like SoCal is in for a cool event and then, a post-event in which I lay down some truth on him.  Ironic, our biggest event thus far could very well end up being our last.  But that's a risk I'm willing to take.  I have to.  Enough is e-freaking-nuff!

Ok, I got about 3 hours of horrific sleep last night and I'm fairly certain I look like a bonafide homeless person.  So it's either pick up some malt liquor in a brown bag or try to go home and take a nap before another night out begins.

Happy Weekending, internet lovers!  Love you. Mean it.


  1. Commenting before I read the post - love me my Artliner!! Been a faithful follower for years. I'll do anything for that all-day stay

  2. Okay, and read it - C'mon 6'6 - wtf? Have a fun weekend!