Friday, March 18, 2011

Hola, Friday!

Well pretties, we made it!  FRIIIIIDAAAY!  
But not just ANY Friday.  This kind of Friday:

That's right.  The weather gods/Buddha/Charlie Sheen have decided to throw us a frickin' bone after our winter suffers.  Sure, it's probs just a one day tease.  But this vitamin-D deficient Texas flower will take it!  
When I saw this was the forecast, I instantly thought "must. do. something. outside."  I've been jonesing to play some tennis all winter long, so I decided (on a total whim) to reach out to Zee German via FB and see if he was down for tennis-town. Oh, and in case you're wondering, nothing ever transpired between me n' Zee German, and I actually think we should just be friends anyway, so this could be the start of something good. Despite him being quite tall and very good-looking, I never quite felt the "spark" between us....and kind of even got an almost gay/bi vibe from him. Buuut, maybe that's just his Euro-ness?
Anybutt, when I mentioned this idea to him early in the week he seemed intrigued and said to keep him posted.  He even did research on where we can play at this time of year.  Meanwhile, I realized I had worked out a solid 5 times in a row in 5 days this week.  So, seeing that SoCal happened to be online [what? It just popped up there in my home page.  I'm not a stalke--okay. I sorta am. SUE ME!]  So I posted on FB
"5 tough workouts 5 days in a row. And...I'm spent! Until maybe tennis tomorrow..."
5 minutes later-
SoCal comment:  You go guuuurl.
[weird! but I'll take it].  And, why is homeboy suddenly interested in my goods? 
Then, an hour later-
Zee German comment: Tennis it is. Just emailed you.

HOT DAMN! That means, SoCal also saw that comment by Zee German since we were all in zee same chain.  And, that also means SoCal gets to see that a very hot guy is playing tennis with me. And that's gotta at least instill some curiousity/doubt/jelousy(?) in him.  And LINDSEY LIKES THIS. 

Can we now please discuss:
a) how unbelievably LAME I am?
b) once again marvel at the role FB plays in my social/dating life?
c) I don't really have a C, but you need at least 3 things to have a proper "list."

Moving on....
I finally saw/spoke with El Señor yesterday at work. I must say it's really interesting to see someone in a place of business when your only experience with them has existed in dark, sexy bars.  It's almost like you both have to play a different version of yourself until the work spell is broken and normal life can happen again.
After I chatted with him in his office, I went back to my cave and we began chatting on FB [please, someone start counting the # of FB mentions in this post. Disgusting]. Amidst the idle chatter, HIM: "You look prettier in person than in your pictures."  To which I naturally responded, "So, you think I look ugly in my pictues?"  HIM: "Aye, you women, I do nothing right." ME: "Calm down, I know you MUST think I look pretty enough in my pictures, since you picked me up on FB by looking at them!"  AHAHAHA, I kinda cracked myself up there.  Clearly I am not that into this guy because I will basically just say whatever comes into my whacko head.  Or maybe he just brings that out in me.  Either way, it was an amusing part of my day!


* Tennis time mit Zee German today.  Did I mention he's, um, a former PRO TENNIS player and I'm...just kinda decent? This should be totally comfortable.

*  Drummer Boy's band's big show tonight at the very legit Highline Ballroom, complete with posse of young, gorg and fun-lovin wing-women.

* Party at BFWB's apt Saturday night that The Streak [if you're reading this, hiiieee!] has said he'll be attending. Maybe some questions will be answered?  Or, maybe I'll just drink myself silly and not worry about it.  

The possibilities are endless.

Happy weekending, best readers in the galaxy!


  1. i am dyink over the fb situation. can not handle.
    miiiiissss you!

  2. I too, live on FB and stalk...i mean 'follow' other people. nothing wrong with that! You def need to get some pointers from Zee German, even if it means he needs to wrap his arms around you. gay/bi vibe or not, nothing wrong with hot man arms wrapped around you.

  3. Ah, dating in the age of facebook. It very literally changed everything.
    I continue to live vicariously through you, so thanks for always livin' it up!

  4. Love reading the FB story. Made me laugh. I think most everyone can relate. And I agree with Amy, nothing wrong with some hot man arms around ya. ;) Glad I came across your blog. Here's to single women everywhere!