Monday, March 14, 2011

Dating story #45, When Worlds Collide.

Welcome back to Monday, now with 1 extra hour of daylight!  
Good thing I'm using mine to blog today. 
[It's still 40 degrees outside so I'd probably be doing this regardless]

The weekend? Uneventful. Mostly, anyway.  Oh, did I mention last Thursday's special guest appearance by none other than:
Last Thursday night was when it was absolutely POURING rain outside for hours.  I had considered going out that night, but after my trainer's ass-kicking and walking home in the rain, I decided it was the perfect night to be sofa roadkill.  It was nice- I showered, did my nails, caught up on some very important TV [ie Jersey Shore].  But, as I stared out at the deluge, I couldn't help but think to myself "Man, this would be the perfect night to be cuddled up on the couch with a guy."  Lo and behold, about 30 mins later I got a text from Drummer Boy.  Thank you, Universe!  I appreciate you actually doing something nice for me!  I guess maybe I was due for one, huh? 
So, poor little soaking wet Drummer Boy came over BEFORE midnight [a new record] and we had a glass of wine, all cozy on the couch.  And, he's not even as much of an r-tard as I had previously thought.  I mean, don't get me wrong-- this ain't no MENSA member either.  But we actually had a somewhat intelligent conversation and a lot of laughter.  Just what I needed on that night.  Kinda amazing how things work out every once in awhile.  And he's totally psyched that I'm rolling to his big show next Friday, night 4 chicks deep.  Should be a very interesting evening....

In other news, I hadn't heard much from:
El Señor since our feisty interlude last Friday, but of course, he's been traveling again. 
Until today, that is.  He hit me up over FB chat:
"Hey woman. I start at Euro tomorrow."
For those of you that don't know, Euro would be the ad agency I work for. As in, my place of business. That I spend all day long at. Awe. SUM.
I can't say this is completely shocking because he is a creative/copywriter, just like yours truly, and he's freelance, which means he can obviously appear at any agency at any time.  I just didn't expect him to be bringing his Latino flavor to MINE anytime soon!  Ah, the incestuousness of the ad industry.  Weeee!
At least I no longer work on the same floor that he'll be working on, but...this could definitely get weird.  Or, maybe not.  I guess only time will tell.  
Oh goody, I just realized now I have to start, like, caring more about how I look and stuff every day in case I run into him. [shit]

Wish me luck. Or, in this case, ¡suerte!

Ay caramba....


  1. gurl, you look pretty every damn day, i have yet to see you look like poo, even when you think you do. so shut it & bring it! hearts & stars, baby xxx

  2. Oh Hotbot, you are too good to me! Why do I think El Señor [aka El Sombrero] is kinda all your fault?!