Friday, February 18, 2011

Dating story #41 & 42, full but empty.

What. A. Week.
I'm finally un-hungover enough to type a [hopefully] quick post.  I say this because I'm a cranky beeotch right now and I have a first date to meet a new dude in a few hours for some drinks.  I'm pretty sure I can hear my liver screaming. Oh, no wait. There it is, running away from me. F*ck.

Story #41: an UNfashion show
Featuring, The Streak 
Tuesday night, I ventured to the Square of Times [that makes it sound slightly more tolerable. It's still hellacious] to meet The Streak for some "weird-ass Japanese fashion show shit" (his words, obvs) at the all new and, somewhat frighteningly large BowlMor Lanes, Times Square.  Seriously, there's like 11 floors??  Anyway, I was looking forward to these plans because they sounded interesting but, more importantly, it's one of the first times The Streak has invited me out to solid plans, in advance.  You know, kind of like a DATE. We also met two of his friends there, the married couple we had been with at the Chromeo show who are super adorable.  Guess what was NOT super adorable?  The fashion show. 
Oh holy textile nightmare!
Seriously, you couldn't have paid me to wear these clothes, not to mention, it looked like the premiere of Strawberry/Joyce Leslie's spring line.  Le vomit!
But this also was highly entertaining to The Streak and me, and we took a lot of awful pics that didn't really come out [hence, why you aren't seeing them now].  
After the show, we all departed for Williamsburg, Brookland, for his friend "Big Gay Adam's" bday party.  I LOVE Big Gay Adam.  He immediately gushed over me, called me stunning and gorgeous, which is always amazing but ESPECIALLY amazing when done in front of a guy you are seeing or interested in.  It's like the ultimate validation.  So we hung out at this weird party for a bit and I showed him that I could easily mingle with his weirdo friends and have fun and not be a party barnacle.  
I will say that I'm getting a bit tired of the whole "warming up" period [ie waiting till we've had several drinks] I always have with him.  I want to shake him and be like "Dude. We've, you know, touched before n' stuff." ugh.  
Anyway, we departed the party after awhile and I said I'd head back to his local bar/2nd home for a drink and a bite.  The boy is seriously the mayor at this place.  It's like freakin' "Cheers"-- walking into a bar and not only knowing the entire staff but the patrons as well?  Kinda cool.
He definitely got flirtier at the bar [phew] and, thanks to his friendship with the bartender who just kept refilling our drinks and pouring shots, I found myself still in Brookland at 2am, on a tuesday, silly drunk.  I was like "clearly I am NOT going home right now."  He was like "duh."  So we proceeded the 2 doors down to his apt and that was that.  It's definitely becoming more comfortable and he is a champion spooner, but something is kind of off. I think he's more the kind of guy that will eventually turn into just a friend at some point.  Also, not waking up in Brookland on a school day would also be a pro.
Walk of shame=1.

Story #42: an UNwatched show
Featuring, SoCal
I had very much been looking forward to this concert date with SoCal, seeing as he actually asked me 2 weeks in advance!  Plus, the venue [Bowery Ballroom] is not only my fave in NYC, but it's also about a minute walk from my apt. LOVE.
So, I waited patiently until I finally heard from him in the afternoon. Via text- obvs.  I mean, why would anyone actually USE a phone, right?  The absurdity!
He asked me when I wanted to meet up.  I find this kind of annoying-- dude, this is your date. You freakin' tell me the story.  But I believe we had originally discussed having drinks at my apt before the show, so maybe that's why he didn't have such a plan.  We decided to meet at 9pm for a drink or two and then head to the show.  I was also really looking forward to some nice alone, not-in-a-bar time at my apt with him where we could actually catch up and talk.  Apparently, the universe had other plans for me.
He texted me at 8:30 saying he had just gotten home and his dog had done hundreds of dollars worth of damage to furniture and clothing and he was gonna be awhile. CRAP!  I totally believe it too-- that dog is craaay craaay!  So I played
the ultra-cool card and told him to take his time and I'd be waiting with a nice strong drink whenever he got here.  Long story short, he told me to just meet up at the venue and by that time it was already 11p.  
Now, since I seem to be such an insane control freak about plans, I had called the venue to find out when the band went on and they said 10p.  But, not wanting to seem like this kind of freak that I am, I didn't tell him that and by the time we both got there, streams of people were pouring out. Show over.  Sigh.
The poor guy also looked like he'd had the ever-loving shit beaten out of him.  Just so dejected.  I asked if he wanted to still go in and grab a drink and he agreed.  I even bought him said drink [how nice am I?] and played "concerned empathetic" girl, listening to his woes.  I will say this-- the night definitely revealed a different side of him and I no longer think he is crazy mega-dating other chicks.  Sure, I'm probably not the only one but I don't think there's many because I don't think he has TIME for it.  I truly got a sense for just how busy his job is and how run-down he was feeling.  And the dog antics were the final blow.  
So I finally told him we were going to talk about something else and get his mind off of the bad stuff.  We went back to my place for a drink and to relax and we honestly had a GREAT time.  Just very comfortable and easy and, best of all, I feel like I totally cheered him up and made it better, or at least a little.  YAY.  We cuddled for awhile and then he went home, citing an early morning.  Who knows what will come of this, but I definitely have a whole new perspective on it.  I think he likes me and I just need to chill out and make him track me down.  Although I did write him a funny note on FB today after he "liked" my status. ["Thank you very much, this week. Now I need a vacation. Yes, another one."]  I wrote him that HE definitely needs a vacation or at least some major couch-time this weekend.  We'll see if that evolves into any kind of invitation to do something with moi.  Dammit, Facebook. I really wish I could see if the mail has been read yet.  Why can't they make things just a tiny bit more stalker-friendly???

In Other News:
The Chef.
Still a sweetie.  Still not that into him. May need to cut cord soon. Feel like his big sister or something. Ick.

Drummer Boy.
Fully back and intact!  Fully serving his purpose as being around for APO. A totally necessary member of the line-up.  Also, he wished me a happy Valentine's day. Weird! But sweet!

El Señor.
Totally thought he had adios'd but just got a text from him asking if I wanted to have "whiskey in NYC" next week. This leads me to believe he's been heavily traveling. ¡Que interesante!

Almost Doc. Or, "Not Doc" as Hotbot calls him.
Don't worry, he's still terminated. But he's refused to totally grasp the concept of "I no longer wish to see you."  
1 phone call to me while in Jamaica [ignored]
1 "what's up" text to me while in Jamaice [ignored]
Then, yesterday morning:
HIM: "Get over urself. I want another crack at it."
ME: "Not happening. Sorry. Good luck out there."
HIM: "Haha. why not"
ME: "We've been thru this. Please stop. Don't make me be mean!"
HIM: "Be mean."
"I have to improve."
ME: "[his name], move on. I'm seeing other people. And you're borderline harassing me."
HIM: "I've moved on. But I want u too."
ME: "Not. Happening. Please do not contact me again."
HIM: "Good luck settling."

Seriously. Why do the horrible ones insist on lingering and stalking?  WHY!  Hotbot has already sent me legal documents on what to do if more contact occurs.  I maybe laughed my ass off at that.  I don't think we'll get to that point. [I pray we don't get to that point!] But, if anything, it's entertaining. 
Hope you thought so too. 

As you can see, I've been busy.  But am I feeling fulfilled? Eh. Not so much.  I guess I just haven't kissed enough frogs yet.  [HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE???]

I'm off to attempt some sleep and re-spackling of tired, vampire-like dark circles so Match guy doesn't assume I'm part bat.  Wish me luck...

HAPPY WEEKEND-ING gorgeousnesses!


  1. You are SO right. The horrible ones always stick around. AND, for some reason they always try to make you think it's YOUR loss when it's clearly theirs . . .

    Anyways, you totally make me want to blog about some of my crazy dating stories (although not as crazy as yours) but I'm always afraid that they're going to find out somehow and I'm way too easily embarrassed to let that happen!

  2. hunny, you are a freakin' riot. let's raise a glass to less frogs & more princes for you to kiss in the very near future. i'll also propose a toast to the permanent absence of creep-meister, NOTdoc. may his stalker ass never contact you again.