Monday, February 28, 2011

Dating story #43, Nice Guys Finish Last & Dumb Just Got DumbER.

Well, well, well...quite the interesting weekend!

We left off with me preparing to go on my 2nd Match date with GoodGuy.  We had met for drinks a week ago, had good conversation and he asked me out on that date for this one, which I thought was a) mature and b) classy.  In fact, isn't that kind of what guys are, like, supposed to do?  Clearly I wouldn't know the answer to that, based on the "winners" I've been picking lately.
I digress.
GoodGuy and I had been talking about our mutual love for sushi and he mentioned his favorite sushi in the city is BondSt.  I said, unbelievably, it's the one place I've never dined.  So, he promptly asked me to dinner there this past Friday night, upon his return from a business trip. I was SUPER excited for dinner. And...that's about it. I really tried to keep an open mind, but my gut is usually right. And in this instance, my gut was thinking "sushi!!!" when it should have been thinking "GoodGuy!!!" Oopsie.
But, I had to prevail! At least I knew GoodGuy would be just that-- a nice, non a-holey dude and spending a dinner with him would certainly not be the worst thing in the world.  And I was right.  First thought upon meeting him at Bond St-- not as cute as I remembered and, slightly femme? Sigh. But, very smart and never a lag in conversation. Except for when my taste buds came into contact with my Big Eye Tuna Tarts with creamy ponzu and white truffle oil.
Yeah. I had to take a moment of silence for that appetizer.  And, for the relationship that would never be with GoodGuy. However, that dinner had to be well over $250 and I felt compelled to at least hang out and have/buy GoodGuy one more drink at a nearby lounge.  He even managed to sneak in a little kiss or two. YIKES.  I know I need to re-jigger my brain, but I almost felt compelled to let him simply because he's a) SO freakin' nice and b) that was one of the best meals of LIFE. 
So I bid GoodGuy adieu and went back to my apt where I was met by BFWB and, later, The Chef. It's kind of like being with loud, blonde-hair, blue-eyed, pale-skinned tall twins.  But we had a great time.  And, of course, the moment BFWB left I promptly passed out on The Chef. He has GOT to be getting sick of this by now!  I really just think he likes not having to travel home to Queens or outer Cambodia or wherever he lives after a late night at the restaurant and I also happen to have the most amazingly comfortable bed that ever existed. Seriously, if you haven't tried a ComforPedic, GET ON IT.

And, now on to SoCal. Or...
Yes, that's right.  He would be the "dumb just got dumbER" portion. 
So if you recall from my last post, I had invited SoCal to Monday's Supperclub dinner party but he was busy, however immediately invited [or so I thought] me to see a band play at Bowery Ballroom Sat night.  And obvs I didn't hear from him all week, although he did "like" one of my FB posts {oh, swoon!}. Ugh.
Saturday I met up with bestie Rayza for a lovely brunch and catch-up sesh at the charming Cafe Gitanea fave in my 'hood. I expressed to her my annoyance with not hearing from it yet about our plans for the night but also that he had never flaked before.  She agreed with BFWB that I should just sit tight, so I did and we had a lovely day together, catching up and making fun of the 200 people standing in line outside of DASH, the Kardashian's SoHo shlock shack.  Really, 200 people? What exactly do you think you're going to find in there-- Kim's badonkadonk? Kourtney's baby? Klohe's true genitalia revealed? Weirdos.
By 4pm with no txt from SoCal I was starting to get seriously pissed and Rayza realized her hubby had plans for the night so she further harassed me to forget SoCal and hang with her instead.  Also, I knew a friend's band was playing in Brookland and I kind of wanted to see that as well.  Finally, I decided to stop playing games and just get it over with, so I texted SoCal "hey, White Rabbits [the band] still happening tonight? Just trying to figure out my plans..."  
He promptly texted back "hey, do you have a ticket? I think it's a sellout."
Did I misread something here?
NO. I didn't. 
Homeskillet clearly invited me to this show, right? 
ME: " I guess I thought you did...?
HIM: "I forgot to and the show sold out. I think my cousin might have some, let me check."
Obviously he was SO excited to hang out with me that he did such an amazing job of planning every detail. 
So we left it at that-- he was looking for tickets. By 7p I hadn't heard from him and decided I was over it anyway.  BFWB wanted to join me for the show in Brooklyn and it sounded great to me.  I moved on with my night and decided to have fun. And fun we did have at my friends, LIVING DAYS, show.  They're new wave-ish, sound kinda like The Cure with this crazy, amazing Cher/Gwen Stefani-esque lead singer with the lowest chick voice I've ever heard. 
So as we're there hanging out, I get a text from SoCal:
"My cousin got tix, u here?"
Um....WHAT [again]??? 
Why would I be there? Did you tell me you had a ticket for me? 
I seriously could not be more confused by the entire situation. And, DONE.
Except I may have accidentally drunk-texted him late last night asking how the show was as I drove home past the venue and saw tons of people streaming out. Dammit!  Don't worry, he's yet to respond.  
So, in the words of the ever-wise BFWB:
"SoCal? SoGONE."

When the universe closes a door, it opens a window.
A bit o' back story is that at Monday night's amazing Supperclub, one of the people helping put the meal out was a funny, friendly guy we'll call Richie. We hadn't had many interactions but all of them were pretty funny as I recall. I also recall that he made a point of saying goodbye to us before he left, but I thought nothing of it.
Then, later in the week, he FB friended me.  I also thought nothing of this.  Funny enough, I got a text from my good friend, Blair, saying "um rando! How do you know Richie? We grew up together in Westchester!"  Damn, it's a small world!  What did we do before Facebook?  OH, we just stalked people the old-fashioned way. Like calling them and hanging up when they answered. Or, driving by their house and ducking.
So as I was sitting home early last night, fuming over SoCal's infinite idiocy, Richie started an IM chat with me on FB.  I must say, it was a seriously funny chat convo too!  It totally lifted my crankyness from earlier AND he asked me out to dinner! He is a total foodie and somehow involved in the food/wine/alcohol importing industry (I think?) Anyway, he's interesting. And, funny. AND, Jewish???  Whoa. I am not totally sure he is my "type" per se, but he can definitely make me laugh and that will get you miles beyond the others.  I also like that he is a real guy from the real world (as opposed to online) and that someone actually knows him and can vouch. 
[are you enjoying this, Blair??]
Hence, we will be dining out this coming Saturday night upon his return from a business trip. He actually tried to casually, spontaneously ask me to dinner last night as we were chatting, but I told him I have plans.  Plus, too easy!  I've got to change my evil ways. 

Happy Monday, lovlies.  See you soon....


  1. I'm loving your blog! Richie sounds promising, I hope you have a fun time on the date.

  2. This is our 43 number love story and has read your all previous love stories and it think those would be as beautiful this is. And this story is seems to be real.