Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dating story #40, Lordy Lordy...really? 40?

Did you enjoy the silence?  I had a lovely vacay in Jamaica, mon and am here with an important message:
****TAKE. A. VACATION.****
For realsies. 
This was the first "actual vacation" I have taken in 2 years and it did wonders.  I am 100% less:
-boy-crazy (okay, maybe 80%? Let's keep it real)
And, we planned it totally last minute, did an all-inclusive and it was CHEAP! So, pull the trigger.  Your friends, family, co-workers, boyfriends, husbands, kids, body and LIFE will thank you for it!  I'll put some pics at the end of this post.
Let's go back to right before the vacay, shall we?

I actually can't believe this is my 40th dating story!  Good lord.  I just got really frightened in the "what if I have 40 more and STILL haven't found anyone good enough to NOT blog about?"  
Okay, don't worry. Even if someone (ever) IS good, I will still write about them. You have my word on that. But, until then...

Last Friday night:  The Streak & The Chef

I had plans to swing by the Chef's resto, the super cute Betel, since my awesome trainer/friend CH was throwing her mom (yes, her mom) a happy hour drinks party in honor of her being in town.  How freakin' adorbs is that?
So I hung out there for only the 2nd time ever and had a grand ol' time.  Hotbot even joined me for a few (ok we had like 4 STRONG-ass, delish cocktails) and some amazing food.  And, when the bill came, our tipsy-selves could not wrap our heads around it-- it was like $20. TOTAL.  Clearly dating someone in the resto industry actually has perks that has paid off!  Except for Hotbot who had the grand judgement lapse and decided to do some work emails upon getting home.  FAIL!
I then jetted uptown to meet The Streak since he decided to remember a) he had tix to Chromeo and b) he remembered he invited me.  [UGH! Boys!] 
We had a great time cheezing out and dancing (as well as we could amongst the over-crowded, douche-mass.  Die, Terminal 5. Die.) But, The Streak was a little off.  I couldn't tell if he just needed some "warming up" time, or if being face-to-face instead of just being "pen pals," as I like to refer to us, was throwing him off.  I even sent him a text from 1 foot away just to break the ice.  He liked it.  But it was definitely a deeper thing and he kept apologizing for being "off," even though I still found him entertaining and hilarious to be with, not to mention taller and handsome-er than I remembered.  Hmm...maybe in person contact is, you know, a GOOD idea once in awhile?  AAARGH.
After the show, his friends [married couple, very adorable] said goodbye and headed home to be married and do married couple things.  I said I was hungry and The Streak was famished, so we headed to (where else?) Meatball Shop!  I thought maybe he just needed to be fed-- perhaps he was just hangry?  
Eating definitely helped a little but not totally, as he still kept apologizing for "being an r-tard." HA. He is maybe one of the smartest people I've ever met. So, that's funny.
He said he was up for joining me to swing by Dub's bday party, which was sure to be way out of control at this point, seeing as it was 1:30a or so.  [sidebar: obvi there is nothing going on with Dubs, kinda never was, but we're all good friends now and it's definitely never a dull moment with him around.]  Ironically, Dubs was so wizz-nasted by the time I got there, he left! Ha! Happy 26th bday, Bro!  In fact, EVERYONE was so mega-bombed they decided to go dance or something somewhere, but The Streak and I, noticing a couple fairly close to fornicating on the pool table, opted to stay.  "Excellent theater," was The Streak's perspective. I concurred.  Yet, he still seemed "off" and was semi-touchy with me...but...? No moves made, which is kinda strange if you've already gotten over that hump with someone before.  So, I finally decided to blurt out whatever was in my head. ME: "Do I, like, intimidate you in some way?" HIM: "yeah...maybe a little."  
This was a truly shocking response.  This guy is über outgoing, confident and unafraid. Hell, he has been known to stick his finger in a couple's mouth if they are violently making out at a bar.  Yet, he is intimidated by ME?  Apparently, he thinks I'm a "strong, independent woman and I'm really smart and funny."  Hilarious that this whole time I've been worried that I may not be smart enough for HIM
But we had a really good chat (initiated by moi, obvi) and I alerted him to the fact that we have fun together, we should hang out more often, and he should not worry that I'm going to get attached and be dreaming about him puttin' a ring on it.  I think this put a lot of things at ease.  Sometimes, you just need that "don't worry dude, I'm not thinkin' white dresses and long aisles so just freakin' relax and lets's have fun" convo, ya know?  
That was the end of that night and then I left on vacay, BUT, he did invite me to "some weird-ass Japanese fashion show" that happens to be taking place tonight.  One thing's for sure-- it's never a dull moment with The Streak
In other news, I have that concert date with SoCal tomorrow night, so there should be lots to tell this week! And hopefully, it won't be bad news. Although he may be in for a "where is this going"-esque convo. Get excited, SoCal!

And now....Some Jamaican idiocy, brought to you by me, MIM, and new awesome friend, LoPro. Enjoy, mon!

The Jamaican Bobsled Team

Don't worry- they're virgin bevvies!

The only thing bad about Jamaica: the food. VIM.

Us + Pebbles, our Jerk Chicken mon.
Stealth pic of MIM getting mass-ageee!

Sunshine. Warmth. Besties. Happiness.

Beautiful Jamaican "decor."

Local Fashion.
Please summer. Hurry the F up!

Ok, off to this Japanese fashion show and "Big Gay Adam's" Birthday party afterwards, whoever that is. Pray for me.


  1. note to self: hotbot + the lindz + copious booze + emailing global coo = FAIL. post script: at least it's never a dull moment, darling! xx

  2. seriously, the food looked like someone took a big crap and put a slice of meat next to it. VIM fo-sho!