Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dating Story #1, a lesson in avoiding musicians and the service industry in general

Mid-summer, 5 of my best girlfriends and I were having a lovely Sunday night dinner at 'inoteca. We happened to have a seriously hot waiter, and since I was at the end of the table closest to him, funneling him all my friend's concerns and dietary issues, we had some flirty banter going. High on my feeling of newfound freedom and equipped with my new "I dont give a f#@k" attitude, I decide, in a super ballsy move, to leave my digits on the credit card receipt for him. I tried to be casually discreet and hide this from my friends. EPIC FAIL.
Below, see the picture my friend KK took of it.

In case you can't read it, there's an arrow from my signature and the note says "Girl in the turquoise dress. You're cute! Call if you wanna have a glass of vino!"

I tried to be cool and breezy about it, but my tipsy friend Em insisted on walking it up to him, so he didn't miss it. (Cue me running down the street in horror).

Lo and behold, he texted me that night. Well, morning. Like 3am. I should have seen this one coming. So we proceeded to text back and forth a bit, neither of us having any time to meet up that week. I did, however, discover he was also a bass player in a band. My initial reaction: "Ooh!" Secondary reaction: "Oh sh*t."
See, dating musicians is rarely ever a good idea. Yet I continue to do it. This is what some believe to be the definition of insanity.
I digress.
We've named this one "Teca."
I finally meet up with Teca for a drink one Friday night...at 3:30a. Yep. But, he's SO cute. And fun. And 28. I'm honest about my sassy age,  he doesn't seem to mind. And we end up back at my apartment. Fun ensues.
Summer got a LOT more fun. And I liked this hot little fling that I had going on. Although it kinda turned out to be a tad more than a fling, but clear to me nonetheless a relationship with no future, or as a friend once said "It has an expiration date."
But we had lots of summer fun. And drank a lot.
And stayed up waaay late, since he basically keeps vampire hours.
He even came to stay with me in
Kismet, FI (aka heaven) for a few days of gluttonous, beachy fun.

I had been really hoping to see his band play, and finally scored the invite. They were playing an outdoor motorcycle fest in Williamsburg on a Sunday. He told me about it a few times, and even took the time (yes, for him this was a big deal) to email me the day before with the details. I was IN and very excited. Even had a posse of ladyfriends heading out with me. And, they did it in the pouring rain to boot!
So we get there, I see him. He looks stressed, undoubtedly due to the rain situation and it being an outdoor stage. So I chill with the girls, and even bring the band beers as they set up. (Cool girl points for me!) They finally play their set and I'm pretty impressed. And, he looks smokin' hot on stage.
Afterwards, my friends leave and I ask if I should stay for a bit. He says "Sure! Hang out." And then, as Teca and I are watching some bizarre chainsaw performance "art" later in the day, he turns to me with a horrified/stressed look as he tells me he's also seeing another girl...who happens to be standing about 60 yards from us. She's got greasy bangs, bad skin, gross makeup, neon green knee socks with Doc Martins, and is covered in tattoos. Oh, did I mention the armpit hair I noted on hear earlier in the day? Not the kind you try to grow, per se, but the kind you miss shaving...4 or 5 times. Uh-huh.
I still can't decide if I'm more floored by his idiotic DOUBLE-BOOKING or HER.
I knew we weren't exclusive by any means, but HELLO KITTY!!! wtf.

Needless to say, this was the untimely (but probably rightful) end of Teca, the dumbass hottie. Who I've now deleted from my cell phone. 3 times. Hopefully this one will stick.

Lesson: Try not to get too attached to 28 year old stoner/waiter/bass player flings, even if they are insanely hot and/or the best spooner you've ever known.

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