Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dating story #3, a lesson in the benefits of gathering more information

This past weekend, I met my friend S-bomb in Bklyn to be her wingwoman at a party called "Baller's Eve." (No, I'm not kidding). I had no idea what to expect, but it was actually just a party at a cool dive bar with seemingly normal people.
And, out of these normal people, I noticed an EXTREMELY tall guy who was pretty cute. I did a drive-by to confirm and he definitely checked out the goods. [Score!]
My friend then somehow persuaded me to wait with her in what had to be the world's longest bathroom line. I'm talking football game/state-fair long. So essentially, we were halfway into the bar still and I ended up right next to tall guy-- now to be known as 6'7" Kevin. Yeah- he's 6'7," and named Kevin (duh).
He was chatting with some semi-thick chick who was gazing up adoringly at him, but somehow I got briefly involved in their conversation. The bathroom line then moved and so did I. As I reached the front, he cruised by to talk. He said "My friends and I are leaving, but I figured I should get your number." To which I replied, "Um, well I figured I should get your NAME first?!" But we exchange and he bounces. I appreciate his bold move.
He calls the very next day-- another bold move. I like this too. And, sets up a date for Monday night after work. So far, you can color me impressed.

So I put on my high heels, excited to wear them without intimidating guys (often the case, as I'm 5'9") and head out to meet 6'7 Kevin. He takes me to a very cool bar that I have not yet been to, which impresses me yet again.

We know nothing about each other. So the questions start. I soon understand that this guy is a gigantic cornucopia of genius. Computer science...MIT...grad school...hedge fund... Um, hi, I make commercials and sometimes can't calculate the tip after a meal.
But I put on my smartest act and move on to wondering "how old is this guy?" I really have no idea. I'm guessing late 20's, and doing the math with college, grad school etc puts him at least at 26. Still on the tad young side for me, but whatever.
Finally, at dinner [and after several cocktails] I can't take it any more:
Me: "Okay, please just tell me how old you are."
Him: "How old do you think I am?"
Me: "Ugh...I hate this game. 27?"
Him: "Let's go with that."
Me: "Oh god. C'mon, just tell me."
Him: "22."
Me: (choking) "Hmmmm? How is that even possible?? Are you some kind of Doogie Howser??!!!"
Him: "Yeah, I graduated [everything] early. How old are you? I'm gonna say 28."
Me: "Excellent guess!"

Note, I said 'excellent guess' because it was an excellent guess. Not a correct one mind you, but still excellent all the same. I tried to continue the evening and have fun, all the while continuously musing "I am a DECADE older than this kid!!!"

Lesson: When meeting men out and about, always ALWAYS pre-screen.


  1. Ugh! Sometimes it can be so hard to estimate another persons age! Haha it *was* an excellent guess.

    Can't wait to hear more stories!

  2. Loving your blog, which I connected to through Natalie's. Good luck on the dating scene, it isn't any better outside of NYC.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a funny story! I've been laughing along with each and every one of your posts!