Monday, November 29, 2010

INTRODUCING: Beauty-full Tuesdays!

Welcome back pretties!  Turkey hangover, anyone?

Seeing as we're now fully surrounded by the holidaze, and I can't possibly have dating stories for you ALL the time, this idea has surfaced.  Actually, I'd like to take credit but after {this post}, a few of you asked if I would share other beauty tips and favorite products.  BRILLZ!  I am a self-proclaimed [and friends will attest] beauty product whore.  So why not share the benefits of my extensive product "research" with all of YOU! 

TODAY'S FEATURE: You Glow, Girl!

The weather is a-changing.
That summer tan is looo-ong gone. [sniffle]
And yet, we still have to march on like the gorgeous troopers we are.  So, why have pasty, casper-like white legs?

Bestie Jendel learns a hard lesson in bronzing

I've tried self-tanners: disasterous orange-brown debaucles.  VIM. Not attractive.

Since those terrifying days, I've moved on to bronzers/body makeup and lemme tell ya-- I've auditioned a LOT of them. I should really create a "product graveyard" for all the losers.

So, without further ado, here's the best I've ever found:

Ok, so the name could have been re-evaluated.  Ignore it.  Because this sucker gives you subtle color and a nice glowy-sheen without any of that stripper-tastic shimmer shite. It's saved me from the hell of stockings (haaate them!) several times.
Just spray in your hands and blend well.  I've even been known to put a bit on my shoulders and, at key times, my decolletage (ooh la la!)
*Wash hands thoroughly with soap + water after use to destroy all evidence.  Also, be sure to let legs/assorted body parts dry a few minutes after applying.  A few of my tall boots are a little sheen-y from premature dressing.

$32 at Sephora -And, they are often sold out so STOCK UP!  Also, I prefer the aerosol one to the lotion version.

Happy Tanfastic-ness, pretties!


  1. If you would like to give teenage girls some advice on dating...or pre dating.....that would be awesome!

    I LOVE your blog! :)

  2. I am so excited about the Beauty-full Tuesday posts!