Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgivin', y'all!

I landed last night in my hometown of San Antonio, Tx.  Yes, home of the Alamo.

No, there is NO basement here! And that joke is REAL old.

I'll be here until next monday, and thus, I suspect will probably have less than zero happening in the dating world whilst I'm here.  My main goals are really: 1) to not make myself ill on Thanksgiving by gorging myself [see: fried turkey] like I usually do and 2) survive my mom's "loving" [incessant] nagging.  

Funny things DO happen around here.  For instance, apparently my parent's dog, Dylan, now wears socks.

Also, I posted this pic on Facebook since I found it amusing.  But my mom is friends with me on Facebook, and was unhappy with the angle/shot I took of our kitchen. "Not flattering."

Happy Holiday Survival, lovelies!

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