Saturday, November 13, 2010


My you are quite the handsome devil.

I really spent a large portion of Thursday trying to understand why it was NOT Friday. The only conclusion I could come to was that going out big on a Tuesday night makes the week reeeeeally loooong.


My awesomely talented friend, Ilana, has a fabulous blog called 
Mommy Shorts
So fabulous, in fact, she is up for the BEST MISCELLANEOUS BLOG AWARD at The Bump!  Be sure to check out her amazeballs site and let's all help her win by taking 2 lil' seconds to vote for Mommy Shorts {here}.  
Do it for me.  Do it for Ilana. Do it for the children. 
And please, do it before Monday at 12am!


Whilst sitting around wondering if the elusiveness that is The Streak was going to man up and contact me, BFWB informed me of a big Heineken Inspire Event happening on Saturday.  We all went to one over the summer featuring free EVERYTHING [food, beer, tshirts], and live music by indie bands Rogue Wave and Cold War Kids--super good time.  [Especially because I had the hotness of Teca as my arm candy]. So when he told me about this one, I was intrigued...until I found out the theme of this event is RAP. Now, I likes me some hip-hop and rappy-rap (pretty sure calling it that would probs get me knifed in the Bronx), but this is some hard stuff. Um, NAS anyone?  Not to mention it's free and I'm a tad concerned about the type of people potentially attending.  However, this concern immediately vanished when it occurred to me that this just might be the kind of event The Streak would enjoy. Oh, I love me an IN!  So I texted him the details and inquired of his interest in attending, to which he wrote back "F*k yeah! Sounds killer."  Houston, we have contact!  I also included our mutual friend, S-Bomb, since this is right up her alley.  Needless to say, this is not a date.  But, it is another opp to have fun, hang out and get to know each other better.  And of course after this, ball's in his streaky court.  
We shall see just how "inspired" this event will turn out to be...

Happy weekending gorgeous readers!  And don't forget to VOTE for Mommy Shorts!!!!

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