Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dating Story #17, a weekend whirlwind.

Sometimes I really need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  
This is definitely one of those times.

One day my friend, Sexy Sue, and I were sitting around lamenting about some of the nice, designer-y, splurge-y items collecting designer dust in our closets simply because they either don't fit anymore or we are just "over" them, yet we can't bear to donate something like that so we just let them take up space in our matchbox NYC closets.  I decided enough was enough, and so we organized a "Purge Party."  A swap.  A meeting of the couture minds.
Saturday afternoon, 8 of my fab fashionista friends met up at my friend Karina's lovely apt, spread out our bags of shoes, clothes and 'cessories and went. to. town.  Seriously, we had brunch, mimosas and spent roughly 4 hours in our skivvies trying on everything in our "store." See the pic of our lovely hostess, so overjoyed & overwhelmed with her finds, that she's wearing several all at once. [please note the 2 different shoes.  she had them on for HOURS.]

Once we had picked through, tried on, and battled over who got what, the rest was left for Goodwill. [Unless you are MIM, and left with more than you came with.]  Ladies, this event could NOT have been more successful.  I highly recommend it to all of you out there!  Such a great way to get awesome stuff for zero dollars and zero cents!

I came home fashionably exhausted and in need of a nap that never happened. It was already time to go out!  My young chew-toy friends were having a pre-Hanukah party that I had planned on cruising by.  But wait--as I was spackling my face in an attempt to look "fresh and rested," I got a text from Zee German! I hadn't really talked to him since he came to my gig and figured that was it, but lo and behold, here he was inviting me to a party at a bar near my hood.  Interesting... maybe this means he likes me? Only one way to find out.  Better shave my legs just in case!  And...maybe I'll just shoot a topical text to The Streak while I'm at it?  I'm thinking he could be an excellent candidate in the rotation of the "hey, you out tonight? wanna meet up" guys.  
So I head to the party o' chewbacas while keeping up a nice stream of texts with The Streak.  The chewy party was lotsa fun, although very reminiscent of the old days when you didn't care if your NYC apt was a) the size of dish cabinet b) on the 6th floor of a walk-up and c) hot as a mofo, you just had a party and packed as many people in there as possible.  Super fun, but I had to peace outta there pretty early as I was having hot flashes.  And I received a text from Zee German telling me to "get my ass over to the bar" which seemed promising. He was downstairs dancing at this club with friends when I got there.  Looking hot as always, although wearing a hat again and it occurred to me that maybe he's hiding something.  Must investigate further...  Anyway, Zee German was clearly getting sick and had almost completely lost his voice. It's hard enough to understand homeboy in a loud bar with his accent when he HAS a voice, so this proved extra challenging.  Also, I still can't tell if he's into me or not.  Dancing: perfect opp to, you know, touch a girl without her thinking you're a creeper, right?  Yet no touching took place. I got bored with this and my inability to understand Zee German and decided to splitsky.  But wait! After approx 300 texts with The Streak, he finally invited me to meet up with him at at bar. In Brookland. At 2:30am.  So obviously, I went. And patted self on the back for the last-minute leg shave- whew! We had a blast, although I was MANY sheets to the wind by that point.  I don't quite recall getting back to his apt but I DO remember somehow scratching myself in the middle of my head and having it bleed profusely. Hot.  What guy doesn't want to tap a bloody mess?  I guess my head finally clotted at some point and I think we had a serious make-out sesh, and that's the last thing I remember as we both clearly passed out.  I woke up and realized I had been sleeping in a bed atop only a mattress cover (no sheets) and comforter.  Also, no pillowcases.  Um, I thought I went to Brookland. How did I end up back in college?  Even better, as I crept to the bathroom in the harsh light of day, I was welcomed by my reflection in the mirror, complete with horrifically smeared black eye make-up EVERYWHERE and hair that resembled a wild, rabid animal and maybe had some type of pheasant nesting in there.  Tres attractive!  Why can't we just wake up looking the way we did when we went to sleep? FML.
Oh well.  We had a fun morning and he even made me some coffee.  Also he 'splained that he hadn't had a chance to put his sheets on the bed yet and wasn't expecting guests.  Ok. I'll accept that. THIS time.
So, you think the weekend is over? Think again.  My fun, spunky friend Ay was in from Philly for the day and wanted to meet up.  So I suggested we meet at my fave hot guy hotspot, the Ainsworth sports bar. [again]  Just as I finished telling her about meeting Jimmy there last weekend and the letdown of him never calling me OR responding to the funny note I dropped him on FB, I ran right into him.  I looked at him, looked away (not realizing it was him) and then looked back as he was like "Hi, Lindsey."  I had half a mind to be mad at him, but figured that wouldn't help anything. Plus I kept hearing the advice of his friend about being aggressive.  So, I teased him for not responding to my message.  He said he never got it! Hmm.  So we chatted for a few and then moved onto other boys, keepin' it breezy.  Later we hung out with Jimmy and posse again and I decided to go for broke.  I pretty much said "We should really be in a fight right now, seeing as you never called me." He said "Huh? It's only been a week!"  Um--dude, that's a LONG ASS TIME in the world of initial dating phone calls. He also said he was in Philly for business all week.  I know, I know.  You're all probably thinking this is too much effort and what the hell am I doing.  But, we really have great chemistry and he's tall, cute, smart and witty.  Seems too good to totally write off just yet.  C'mon Jimmy- BRING. IT!  I'm seriously getting older by the second here...

Lesson:  Try not to lose sight of the difference between being aggressive and being the dude in the courtship.


  1. I always say it's ok to reach out to someone twice, but if they don't step up to the plate on to the next! Btw, I love your blog! It's totally hilarious and spot on!

  2. I get tired just reading your posts. I also get super jealous. I can't hang quite like I used to- one night out a weekend is all I can handle. I admire you. :)
    Also- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this Jimmy guy get his shiz together and makes contact within the week.

  3. Aw! From your fingers to Jimmy's ears woman! Thanks for reading, lovlies!

  4. it took me a minute to fully digest that this installment is all from 1 day/night. you. are. epic. (& clothes-swapping w/ you is a love-fest) xx