Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dating Story #15, a lesson in the art of juggling.

I've always prided myself as an excellent multi-tasker.  
But apparently, I'm a shitty juggler. 

This was revealed to me last night as BFWB and I played our 2nd big gig out at 11th Street Bar. Because I had met zee German last Friday after rehearsal, we were talking about the band thing and so I mentioned our gig this week.  I really didn't think he'd actually come. But yesterday when I posted a reminder on Facebook about it, he commented "see you there ;-)" with his profile picture staring at me.  Who wants to see that again? 
Oh, I do.  
So, I knew he'd probably be there with a friend. Then, my friend S-bomb informed she was also bringing me a little gift.  Awhile back, she had a Wienerfest in her adorable Brookland backyard and I spent a little bit chatting with her friend, who I refer to as The Streak. [Sidebar: I never feel the need to explain why I've named the guys these names, but I wanted to clarify this one has nothing to do with running around nekkid.  He happens to have this really cool, small grey streak amongst his thick black hair.
Apparently singing is fugly.
Until recently, I didn't even know (or wonder) what his actual name was.  This is the problem with using these monikers.]  Anyway, I found The Streak to be very interesting as I wolfed down countless wieners, but unfortunately I got there as he was on his way out. Recently, I told S-bomb that I thought we should hang out again and she liked this idea.  So she brought him to our gig last night.  Btw, here's a pic someone took of us last night, which only confirms my hypothesis that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to look remotely attractive/normal while singing.  Which I find very very annoying.  So, thank GOODNESS I had TWO potentials there watching me last night. [Please read that with sarcasm].  
Anyway, we had a great show and packed the house.  I never drink before a show, but always enjoy a hearty celebration afterwards.  So the party was on and we were all having a blast.  Although I was running back and forth, making up all kinds of weird excuses to both zee German and The Streak. I can only assume both must think I have an Overactive Bladder condition and/or IBS at this point, for the amount of times I said I had to go to the bathroom.  Anyway, zee German is definitely a hot piece of schnitzel.  But I'm not sure how well we click in the personality department.  For instance, in the mayhem after the show, he was standing by me at the bar as BFWB and another dude friend were acting up.  So I started yelling some insult at them, per the norm.  Zee German then looks at me and goes "Are you drunk?"  To which I replied, "No, I'm just loud."  Geez!  Luckily, The Streak is one of the first guys I've spent time with lately that can keep up with the witty banter and sarcasm.  And that really rings my bell.  Everyone left and The Streak ended up staying out with me and my beloved Jendel who's been in town from LA for work this past week. He decided to accompany us to my fave, Meatball Shop, for some MUCH needed late night grubbin'.  That has to mean something, right? He even walked us back to my apt after, as we were nearing the 2am hour (ouch!).  Jendel, attempting to be not awky, dashed inside ahead of me to give us "private time." [Totes awky] But we did a digit exchange and he proceeded to text me his whole cab ride back to Brookland. My fave text was "My cab driver is listening to Kelly Clarkson. Kill me."  Not gonna lie, I'm kinda into this guy.  But, before I get ahead of myself, let's just see if homeboy decides to contact me in a timely fashion.  I'm optimistic.  
At least more optimistic than I am about surviving what my trainer is about to do to me at the gym tonight.  Oh, how I wish I could click my heels and be under my covers right now.... 

LESSON:  If you want to juggle well, make sure you've been to the circus enough times...


  1. hahhaha
    i can totally see my man asking something like that when we were first talking...

    damir (my man) was rather confused.

  2. i am SO sending you new photos. you singing is NOT fugly. done.