Friday, October 29, 2010

Dating Story #12, a lesson in always having an out PLUS the importance of a cell phone that actually functions.

btw, how totes inapprops is this jack-o-lantern I found?  I mean the girl is fine, but that is just an unnatural expectation for ta ta size in general. 
Anyway, I could NOT seem to get dressed for my date(s) last night, so I abided by my tried and true mantra: When in doubt, legs out.  ie, short skirt. done.

The night started out with me meeting an online guy for drinks who I had cancelled on a few weeks agoWe'll call this one Mo. Funny, initially he hadn't been that proactive in making a date. However, once I cancelled on him, he was all over it! So he finally pinned me down last night, but I told him I only had 1.5 hours to grab a drink before an event I had to be at. I always like to have an "out." And I'm glad I did. Not that he was bad-- he was just what BFWB and I like to call "meh." Also, I might point out, when we were talking about music and how he used to DJ, he proceeded to sing a few bars (ok several bars) from a song in a LOUD voice I can only label as "tone deaf meets barnyard animal." Yeah, major turn-on. So after his window of time had expired, I splitsky'd to the next event in the night's line-up. Mo very much wanted to drive me there, but I very much wanted the opposite of that to happen.  Besides, who the hell even HAS an automobile in NYC?  People who live in Brookland, that's who.  Peace out!
Next up was "The Most Interesting Show," a Dos Equis event.  They're one of our clients, and I figured it was worth meeting up with the work crew to investigate. Just as I arrived, this was happening:  
I made the picture extra-large here so you could take in the full "artistry" of it all.  
So, while I was watching this, another event happened.  The re-emergence of Abe the Jew [via text, obviously].  This time, he wants "closure." You know, because we've had such an in-depth, lengthy relationship.  Amazeballs.
At the same time, another online dude I've been chatting with was also hitting me up. We'll call him Gramercy. I haven't yet met Gramercy, but he seems to have a lot of potential:  6'4," blue eyes, graphic artist, actually lives IN the city and not far from me, and happens to be a Member of the Tribe [read: Jewish].  Bonus for my parents!  Despite all that, we've actually already had an argument over iChat.  You would think this would deter me, but I'm strangely intrigued.  And, he apologized.  So when he texted last night as I was watching ladies hump a hoop, I figured meeting him for a drink would be fine. My blackberry, however, had other ideas.  Ever since fizzy water exploded on it last week, the battery has been sucktastic.  And last night, after telling Gramercy I'd meet him at a bar at 11:30p, it totally died on me.  This would have been fine, since I knew where I was supposed to go.  But, I was easily convinced by 3 work chew toys to have a drink with them first at another bar.  We were having a blast and they argued why would I leave all that fun to run off and meet a guy who had already been a borderline doosh-b?  So, I stayed.  Oopsie!
Once I realized 30 mins had gone by, I figured Gramercy had probably skulked home by then.  So, I shrugged and stayed out at some weird after-party.  But then pizza started sounding much more appealing than cocktails, so I peaced out and escorted myself to the always amazing Artichoke Basille at 1:30am. If I could ever curtail my late-night eating, I could maybe be a size 2.  But it's just TOO good!  Hello, Sicilian lover.
Sigh...So I got home, rejuiced my dumb dead blackberry and saw several texts/missed calls from Gramercy.  Eek! I immediately called him, apologized profusely, told him I got delayed and then phone died. I could tell he was annoyed with me but was trying to play it cool.  Either way, I could have been an a-hole and not called at all, which I think he realized.  He told me he was going to bed and hung up kind of abrubtly, so I sent him a txt apologizing again.  He wrote back and thanked me and said the least I could do was say hi on video chat.  Since I still had my makeup on and decent hair situation, I gave in.  And actually, he's pretty damn cute!  We had a nice web chat until I almost fell asleep and signed off.  But I still have a strange feeling about this one in my gut.  Guess I will have to see how it all plays out.  
I have another online meet-up tonight for drinks with a guy who seems super sweet.  Stay tuned for that one and other stories I'm sure to come.  After all, it's Halloween weekend and the Wild Things will surely be out on the prowl...

Happy Halloweekend, Pretties!


    HALLOWEEN is cool , in Roumania isn't like in USA but .... is so cool :)

  2. Love your blog! I found you through MIM. I'm a stay-at-home mom in Utah so I like to read your blog and live an exciting (and often hilarious) single life through you. I get pretty excited to see when you've made a new post. Okay, is that enough gushing? Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Kristin! You made my day with this comment. I love telling these stories and I'm just pleased as punch that people actually like READING them. Thanks mucho chica! xo