Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dating story #10, the last of the chewbacas and, introducing online flakers!

"Nobody said it was easy 
 No one ever said it would be this hard 
 Aww take me back to the start...."

Well, thank you Coldplay.  Ain't that the freakin' truth.  Between ex-boyfriend post-breakup drama, getting double-booked on, only meeting barely-legal dudes everywhere I go....lemme tell you, it can take a toll on a girl. No, really. I'm exhausted.

So last night was my concert date with Byrdie, whom I'm declaring (praying) to be the LAST in my long string of chew-toys. Now, I'm not saying I had a bad time.  I actually had a lot of fun.  But I really think enough is enough.  Byrdie came over to pre-game at my apt before the My Morning Jacket show. I also invited my neighbor-friend, Trev, over for some drinks.  I missed his bday party last weekend and I also figured it would be a good buffer in case I didn't feel like flying solo in my apt with Byrdie.  
All was going well and we were all having fun, and then Trev decides to point to my famously flaccid candles.  
[In July while I was away on vacay, I returned to this]:

Trev asked if any of my blog stories were similar to the candles. I gave him an "eat sh*t and die" look and told him the blog is for the INNER CIRCLE only, as Byrdie looked very confused. Guess lil' Trev didn't realize the blog was not something I generally expose to guys I'm dating!  
[Trev- how did you NOT realize that??]  Anyway, now poor Byrdie thinks he's going to end up here.  I told him as long as he didn't do anything weird or stalker-y, he'd be fine.  
And we proceeded to have a great time at the show.  He was a good choice, loves live music and shows, even though we named this crowd Bro-lapalooza. Seriously, SO. MANY. BRO's.  High-fiving?? At My Morning Jacket???  Gross.

We went for a drink after.  Smooching ensued.  Not bad, but no major fireworks.  I'm a tad concerned this one may get attached.  
Fly, Byrdie, Fly! 

As for tonight, I accidentally double-booked TWO online dates.  As I was trying to figure out how to juggle, BOTH have bailed.  Okay, they've rescheduled.  I'm so over this flakiness.  If you want to meet me, fine.  If you don't, don't.  Then again, I guess I'm guilty of canceling on Sunday...but in my defense, I didn't even know if that was confirmed!  again-- SHADY!  

Sigh...I think I may go eat my feelings at MIM's and my new fave dessert spot. {evidence below}

Lesson: Perhaps I need to take a mini-break from dating of all kinds and actually SLEEP.  I kind of look haggard...


  1. I totally remember when I was single and online dating there being a moment when I realized it was in fact ME who had become the shady flaky person. All that juggling definitely takes a toll.

  2. Yeah. It's kinda like a second job. I feel like I should be billing time to it or something... [who. am. i?]