Thursday, December 30, 2010

Helloo from the Left Coast!

Hello gorgeous readers!  How've you been?!

I've felt quite disconnected the past few days since I've been here...which may be a good thing?  I'm in LA staying with my bestie, Jendel, and her bf, G, who is undoubtedly regretting agreeing to have me as his houseguest for EIGHT days.  [hee hee!]

We were lucky enough to get invited to their friend's timeshare in Palm Desert, so we were hangin out there for the last few days. And when I say "hangin" I mean complete vegging-out slothery. AMAZING! Not to mention, a burst of NICE. FREAKIN'. WEATHER!  Which, from what I've heard and seen
from the NYC "snowpocalypse" that happened a mere DAY after I departed, I'm pretty freakin lucky.  Check out this pic, sent to me courtesy of The Chef
 Ouch.  That hurts. But tres cute that The Chef sent it to me!  Speaking of, I had started to ponder what the roster o' dudes was up to and if anyone of them were missing me [ie. had they forgotten about me yet!] You know, outta sight, outta mind...  Funny enough, I heard from THREE of them all at the same time last night here!  How random is that?  But it definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy!  I mean, how badly would it SUCK to have all that groundwork I've done go to waste while I was gone.  But all the boys came through with a cute/sweet little "check-in" text.  Although, there was one VERY NOTEWORTHY text-change between Me & The Streak. Even though I haven't blogged much about The Streak since the last time we hung out [see: mid-November], he and I have had many a text-change and IM conversation.  He's been a very tough nut to crack.  He's amazingly brilliant and funny, and we always have a GREAT banter back and forth, but at the end of the day, he never has asked me to hang out again and I just figured he's not that into it.  Lo and behold, he surprised the hell out of me early this week with this text-change [also tweeted a few days ago, so skip if redundant]:
HIM: Also can we totes play back in NY?
ME: Um duh. Yes we can play,you know where 2 find me. 
HIM: Just saying that you're pretty and sh*t and I'd like to "see" you.
ME: Haha! Yes, I'm down for being "seen"...
Um, I'm sorry--- did a boy just tell me I was PRETTY and express interest in SEEING ME? Okay, it was all over text, but still!  That's progress, right? [kinda?]  Anyway, I'm just curious if it was a drunk text, so I guess all will be revealed upon my return.  
SoCal popped in again today to tell me he heard my voice-over on a commercial.  Weeee! I LOVE when that happens.  It's kinda like "reminder advertising" for me! 

In other news, we had one hilarious night in Palm Desert when we slothed around for too long and then realized that post 8:30p on a weekday there, NO restaurants are open.  So, we ended up here:
This led us to discover something very interesting happening on their sauce  packaging. 

Not to mention the way we felt after we ate.  Lets just say, we were all kinda in some pretty heavy denial. Not to mention, pretty heavy food coma. Bleech.
This never happened.

That's it for now!  Sorry nothing juicier to report, but that's the way it goes when you're away from your home[boys]!

Let's just hope there's more to report post-New Year's....


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  1. That's so funny that that is you on that commercial. I've been reading your blog since you started it, and I've seen that commercial a number of times since then.