Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beauty-full Tuesday: Take it off, baby!

Hello, beauties!

Sorry the beauty-full Tuesday is coming when Tuesday is almost wednesday. Ah well...que sera sera.

Today's feature is something I deem absolutely necessary.  Ok, true, nothing is as necessary to me as my precious concealer, but this is clearly a makeup essential. 
Let's face it, taking off makeup is a pain in the wahtoosie and I pretty much LOATHE IT, especially the eye makeup part of it.  And all those removers that say they remove "all eye makeup, even waterproof mascara?" LIARS! 
But here is something that ACTUALLY WORKS.  So much so, I've gotten 3 friends hooked on it as well.  Drumroll please...
Sens' Eyes by Makeup Forever
It. Freaking. Works.
For best results:
Put a small amount on a cotton pad and simply hold on top of eye makeup (don't rub) for a few seconds.  It kind of just absorbs it!  Then you can go back with a q-tip if you need to or wipe GENTLY to get the rest off.  But it's truly fabulous.  Order it {here}.


Last night, BFWB and I went to my fave gastropub Mary Queen of Scots (yes, again) for a new friend's [who also works there] bday party.  She had invited me and I knew the Brit would be there, but I kind of didn't care one way or another.  Clearly, I'm not so into it.
We got there pretty late and the party was in full swing. the Brit ended up right in front of my barstool but his back was to me, so I decided to playfully snap one of his suspenders. [yes, suspenders] to get the initial hello out of the way. He then turned to look at me and STARED BLANKLY as if he had never seen me before in his life.  Funny how I had JUST SEEN HIM roughly 30 hours prior and he looked at me like a martian. BIZ-ARRE!  He then said he was joking [oh, hilarious!] and continued to act strangely. Or maybe he was just acting British-ly? Either way, it was the perfect way for me to not have to deal with him at all and move on to the cute, funny and tall chef who was definitely into yours truly.  He even demanded to try on my all-sequined blazer.  I have photo evidence.  Deciding whether to release it or not yet... Ah, twist my arm. 
Who can resist a knight in shining sequins?
Sidenote: upon sending him this pic today, he remarked that it may be the most ridiculous outfit he's worn in years and that, combined with the jacket, he looked like some sort of "Disco Sherlock Holmes." HA!  So me n' the Chef chatted for a loong time. He also said he'd "really love to cook for me." And the way he said it was tres romantic! So, I'm liking this idea.  And then, of course, he told me he's 25. I'm not liking that idea.  But I'm sort of torn this time, as he really seems wise beyond his years.  Toughie!
So today, in another surprise moment, the Brit finds me on facebook ("mild stalking" he calls it).  He wrote me a very nice email saying he lost his phone last night and therefore, my number, but he wanted to apologize in case he was rude to me, which was not his intention.  He was quite "pissed" he says and feels really bad about it.  Nice of a guy to actually proactively apologize for a change! He also asked if I "Fancy going to the cinema sometime this week."  Man, I love the lingo!  Not sure if I do fancy this cinema date, but I definitely fancy the gesture.

And that's all for today, folks!



  1. I totally fancy the Brit lingo too!

  2. The chef cooked meal sounds great!

    I've featured you on my blog - hope thats ok?!

    The doll on fashion

  3. i'm new to your blog (found you through the doll on fashion's feature) and i have to say, i'm hooked!! can't wait for your next update - yes, i'm following you! :)


  4. Thanks for all the sugar, readers! And thanks to The Doll for blogging about me!! you just gave me the warm fuzzies.

  5. Found you via the Doll and am now following! Great blog!!! x