Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dating story #22, Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, it's that time once again, for me to turn another year un-wiser.

Last night was supposed to be my "night off" for the week, in prep for my birthday today and the rest of the week's events. Also, relief from my holiday bonanza Monday-Tuesday.  All I had to get through was my trainer and I could take it easy. But the universe had other plans for me.

I have been very over People Shopping lately, as I have actually been meeting guys out and about.  I generally quickly breeze over the daily emails I get [or "winks"- ew] from the dating sites and keep on moving.  I've become quite good at being very discerning and not wasting time or energy on meeting those guys unless I think they are really, REALLY worth it. Recall the post about how I go through the people shopping emails and weed out the riffraff. So yesterday I woke up to an email that was actually quite funny!  Topical, well-written, humorous.  So I logged online to face what I figured would inevitably be a 5'7"-er or 300lb-er. [I get a LOT of these.]  First: Check the height.  6'1"! Second: The pics.  Fingers crossed, I waited to see if it would be one of those "well, he's oookay...guess I could probably deal with a lazy eye..."  BUT, he was not that.  He was CUTE!!! Dare I say, hot??  I immediately wrote him back.  And he wrote me back. And we did this all day until he demanded to meet me for a drink last night.  Adios, coveted night off.  But worth it, OBVI!  He's a southern California boy, so we'll call this one SoCal
Just as adorable in person. Loves being active. LOVES music and live shows. Um...WHAT!  I was literally trying not to pee my pantyhose.  Oh, and he lives with someone:

I. Die.

So we talked for about 3 hours.  And he was there when my birthday "officially" began, which was kinda cute.  Oh, and at one point I caught him looking at something [on me] and asked if something was wrong. He said "Oh, um, sorry... I've caught myself staring at you several times tonight."  GOOSEBUMPS! 

Yeah, looks like SoCal is buyin' what I'm sellin.  BUT, of course, when it's dry, it's a drought. And when it rains, it pours.  When I first arrived at the bar, SoCal wasn't there yet, so I went to the ladies' room.  And got a text [my first] from The 'Stache.  Was wondering if I'd be hearing from him, and lo and behold, there he was asking if I was out n' about. Since my date had not yet started with SoCal, and I had no idea if it would bomb or not, I figured I could have my birthday cake and eat it too!  So I told The 'Stache I could maybe meet up later for a drink if he wanted.  
Back to SoCal: after we had our fill of drinks, he walked me back to my 'hood where he was going to catch a cab. He told me we were absolutely going out again and I was fully expecting a nice little kiss goodnight.  But instead, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and jumped into a cab!  WHA???  
Immediately texting started:
HIM: "Damn, you're sexy."  
ME: "Um that was a quick goodbye! Thought you might wanna kiss me goodnight, guess not..."
HIM: "oh please, you have no idea how badly I want to kiss you. You have a face I could kiss forever."
So we said we'd meet up again. And he's been texting me sweet things all day. I see some serious potential here.  
And now, back to fling-town!
I walked directly to meet The 'Stache at the same bar by my house.  We had one drink and a hot bar make-out [slightly improved from Monday! or maybe I'm just getting used to it?]  Anyway, it was laaate so we took the party back to my apt once again, for some snuggle slumbering.  BUT WAIT-- apparently it was difficult for him to get back home, back to work on Tuesday am from my apt. So homeboy thought it would be a great idea to wake up at 4am and go home then. And, HE SET HIS ALARM to do so. I shot out of bed and he said "Oh, I didn't want to wake you. I was just going to slip out while you were asleep."  Um, dude- your f'cking alarm sounds like the DOORBELL in a gigantic MANSION. I'm pretty sure dead people were just roused from it.  What the hell is THAT?  It's a new one, for sure.  So, The 'Stache may be getting tossed in the weirdo pile. We'll just have to see.  
For now, I may just focus my energy on SoCal and see where it goes.  I also may try to sleep. My eyeballs are so, so tired.

Off to girl's birthday dinner though!  Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. Until someone wakes me up with a DOORBELL alarm.  

Lesson:  Double-booking.  Maybe not the best of ideas.  


  1. Your dating stories are killing me! I love them all!! =) Thanks for sharing. Good luck with SoCal... he sounds hot, even though I know nothing about his appearance. ;)
    And Happy Birthday!!!

  2. YES. killer text messages from socal.
    gosh that gave me butterflies.

    i'm excited for you, lady.

  3. oooohh socal sounds like a winner to me! =) can't wait to see where this goes!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Such a great post! Love the word for word text convos!