Monday, January 3, 2011


twenty one-one!!!

whoa. that sounds weird. It's not going to be easy to start writing that on stuff.  

anyway, welcome back pretty lil' readers.  Have you missed me?  Cause I've missed me!  It's so crazy how far-removed I felt from "my life" whilst on my west coast adventure.  I am very excited to be back and even more interested to see what's going on with what I'm now referring to as The Line-Up. But first, New Year's Eve.

I went to this same party last year with bestie Jendel and her bf G. It's a huge party in the Valley thrown by a friend of theirs, complete with tons o' happy drinks, catering, heat lamps, music and wild debauchery.  This year, there had to be well over 300 people there! Last year, I had my ex-bf, Champ, with me.  During the course of the night, he proceeded to get really sick [not drunk, just like the flu or something random] and he also proceeded to act like a COMPLETE immature donkey's ass and embarrassed the crap out of me. [Note to self: always recall this night when wondering if breaking up was bad idea.] 
Blingin' in the New Year
The gang always goes to a pre-party first at a friend's we'll call Brooklyn Boy. He's a pretty adorable, tall, funny, and half-jewish [that's fun for you, mom!] guy who I totally had a spark of chemistry with last year.  But, seeing as I was with Champ, it really made no difference. Funny enough, once I broke up with Champ I asked Jendel what was going on with Brooklyn Boy and, ironically, he had asked her bf G about me.  So, we then became FB friends but have had very limited interaction.  Rightly so, as we live on different coasts at the moment.
Obviously, I was really looking forward to THIS year, seeing as I am now SINGLE.  But alas, Brooklyn Boy wasn't. Or mostly wasn't.  He's basically semi-dating "Princess Jasmine" [my name for her] but he doesn't really like her much.  Um, I wouldn't either!  Homegirl is annoying as SHIT.  As in, immature, bragadocious and all-around trying too hard.  But she was in attendance on New Year's, which meant 2011 NYE would not be the year for me and Brooklyn Boy.  HOWEVER-- we did get a little chit-chatting in before she got to his pre-party and the witty, sarcastic banter was going back and forth quite nicely.  So much so, that apparently, I impressed Brooklyn Boy (as relayed to me by excellent spies!).  Said spies also informed me that Brooklyn Boy mentioned the 4 of us should all do dinner the next time I'm in town for work.  Yeeehaw!  Just layin' the groundwork here.  This could actually be something someday...
  Meanwhile, back at the party, I noticed that it was 11:30p and I had yet to connect with my midnight kissing victim.  Seeing as Brooklyn Boy was off playing Aladdin somewhere, I realized I needed to get crackin!  At a party with that many people, it was just silly to think that there would be no one to smooch at zero hour, so I did a quick scan. Voila! 3 pretty cute boys standing near the taco truck (yes, there was a TACO TRUCK!).  So, I went in.  Held court with all 3 for a bit. Did a quick time check and realized something needed to be done.  That's when I decided to hone in on the cutest one and tell him he was coming to get a drink with me. Done! He obliged and that was that.  We chatted about music for a bit, the countdown happened, and we had a nice long makeout session at the buzzer. Funny enough, he was the best kisser I've met in a LONG time.  Why funny? Because he gave me his card before he and friends went to another party and somehow it didn't make it home with me.  I'm honestly not sad at all.  He definitely served a purpose!  But he was a cute, sweet guy and a great way to start off the new year! Maybe all the bad kissing karma of '10 is officially gone?  Fingers crossed.  Oh, yeah- and, you're welcome, random guy.  If I hadn't aggressively approached your crew, you would've all been awkwardly high-fiving each other and avoiding eye contact at midnight.  
Also, here is the only pic I managed to take the whole night at the party:  
Take a bite out of 2011. [awesome.]
The rest of the night consisted of me deciding, at around 2a, to take a "nap" on a chair in one of the rooms.  Luckily, I had the not-sober-smarts enough to text my friends and alert them, so as to not get stranded in the Valley.  Even a drunk New Yorker knows enough to do that!  Goal for next year: 1) kiss Brooklyn Boy  2) Stay awake for whole party.
It's important to have goals, after all.

And now I'm back in the big dirty snowy apple.  So far, The Chef wins the award for best start to 2011.  He texted me Happy New Year last night and already asked me out for this week.  For the youngest of the bunch, he is amazingly cool and mature!
Been wondering about SoCal, though.  I feel like, since he's also on, he's probably serial dating right now.  Who knows where I fall in his line-up, since I've been gone for a week. Maybe I fell to the end of the line?!  But he did text me tonight to say hi.  Although no asking for plans though, which makes me think he's just doing a little "maintenance."  Ah well.  I also had a brief IM chat with The Streak, who I'm beginning to wonder if he was drunk/all talk when he sent me that note about wanting to hang out with me.  He's a tough, streaky cookie, that Streak.
Anyway, you're up to man-date {ooh! new fun word smush!}. 
And now, for some resolutions!
Party less. Exercise more.
Write a new song.
Take an amazing, unique trip somewhere.
See more movies that make me think.
Go to museums. Regularly.
Run a 5K.
Call parents and sister. Regularly!
Cook good food. 
Drink good wine.

Happy 2011 to all!  I hope it's an incredible year for everyone.  Do YOU have any resolutions?


  1. Sounds like fun! I love reading your blog. Perhaps posting some style entries? You obviously have great fashion sense. You need to share it with us! :) Happy New Year!