Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BeautyFull Tuesday: At lash-t!

And we're back with the beauty 411 you've been jonesing for!

Today's installment is all about your precious peepers.
Or at least that fabulous fringe around them.  Yes, readers, it's time to lash out!
Um...this cannot be normal.
I get asked from time to time what mascara I use.  You'd think this would be a simple, one-product answer.  But let's face it- I'm pretty much the Queen of Excess.  I mean, just the other day I was putting my laundry away and had to take a moment to marvel at the borderline INSANE amount of Hanky Panky undies I seem to have collected.  Please see photographic evidence.  That is a DEEP drawer, overflowing with all that stretchy lace.  
Anyway, back to the subject of LASHES!
At any given time, I'm using at least 2 different mascaras. I find that layering two different ones seems to give me a better effect for some reason.  So, here are the players in the current mascara line-up:
#1) Chanel Inimitible  typically my "base coat," this stuff is great for a non-clumpy, lengthening swipe.  Cons: not cheap and it tends to run out kinda quickly.
#2) Lancome Hypnose/Hypnose Drama
These are my MOST favoritest mascaras in the current rotation.  They make lashes AMAZINGLY long/thick and it usually stays on the whole day.  I like both Drama and non-Drama, one is just a bit blacker and sometimes thicker. 

#3) DiorShow Waterproof
Last, but not least, is this DiorShow bad boy.  Note the gigantor brush, which definitely helps in the fullness department.  I only use this one on my BOTTOM lashes, because I find that the mascara doesn't like to stay on those/flakes into my concealer [RUDE], so waterproof helps.  Plus it's great for a pool or beach day.

#Bonus!) CoverGirl Lash Blast
*DRUG STORE OPTION* Despite MIM's and my affection for ridiculing the commercials where poor Drew B. has to schill this product "Lassth Blasssth Masssthcara!" [seriously, that's just wrong of them to have her say that!], this mascara really delivers. Warning: it's definitely the "big, bold lash" trend, and can be a little clumpy, but also dramatic for going out.  Just make sure to let it DRY once applying!

-After brushing on a coat of mascara on upper lashes, hit the BACKSIDE of the tips with the mascara wand. It's a trick a makeup artist on a set once taught me and it makes a HUGE difference!
-Always curl upper lashes with a good eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara. You never want to do it when mascara is already on because it can cause breakage/loss [tragic!] of those precious lashes! 
Shu Uemura will always be my fave curler. Sadly, they are no longer avail in Sephora (and possibly the US?) but you can order {here}.

Phew! This ends Mascara:101.  Now get out there, bat those lashes and make something happen!

New MANdate to come tomorrow! xo


  1. you're right about the Chanel, it's not cheap, but it does a really good job at lengthening my (too short) lashes! i will check out the lancome.

    Girl Meets Handbag

  2. Not to brag but I have long, naturally curled eyelashes and I discovered the trick to apply to the backside of the lashes in my teens. I noticed that the ends weren't getting a lot of mascara so I started applying to the back as well and little did I know it was a make up artists secret trick. Thanks for the product suggestions. I will have to try them when budget permits.

  3. i love that you use two...will try asap.

  4. Even this morning, as I was running late for work, I still managed to use THREE mascaras. I think I may have a problem...

  5. i TOTALLY do two mascaras! haha cute blog girl.