Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Humpy Day + a MANdate!

Hellooooo out there!  
And for realsies, THANK YOU soo much for being out there!
I have been loving all your comments lately and, since I'm semi-blogtarded, I don't know how to respond to them or if you even get them. So, just know that I GET THEM and love reading your thoughts, opinions and advice.  
Also, a few of you have sheepishly said you "stalk my blog." Um, isn't that the point? I'm putting my senseless, manic drivel out there for y'all to read, so the fact that you actually ARE has me tickled like a cacti.  Yeeehaw! Wow I'm so Southern today...  Maybe it's just because I'm fairly excited, seeing as NYC looks like this:
And, Santa Monica, where I'll be for 9 days:

That's right. SUCK IT, winter.  
Okay who am I, Al Roker?  Enough of the weather. On to our MANdate. Lemme just break it down for you [with icons. because, they're fun]:
I was pretty sure SoCal has So-long'd. I sent him a txt asking about his last wknd snowboarding trip last tues night and he txted me back- 24 hours later. He did say the snow screwed up his trip back, so maybe he was traveling, but still, I've seen homeboy-- he's constantly on his phone. The issue with him (well, one of them) is that he's a Match guy and he's fairly new to it, so he's like a fat kid at McDonald's right now, ordering everything on the menu. I have a feeling he'll be back; "They always come back," as MIM says, but whatevs. If you don't realize I'm a sparkling gem and take advantage of that, laterz dude.
That said, he gets one more chance tonight when we are supposed to have a date.  I'm hoping our "ships passing in the night" travel sitch has been the main hangup, since I still see so much potential in him. But, he's also gonna get some truth laid on him from me. As in, if you like me at all and want to keep seeing me, I'm gonna need some consistency. Not a lot. Just more than this. And, I think I'm worth it. Hell, I KNOW I am. Who the eff isn't? And, good luck getting that kind of honesty from a 23 year old, if that's who you're currently dabbling with. (No offense to any 23 year olds out there! But he's 35 and it's just not fair for you to be stealing the AA guys from me.)
Sidenote: while he did take me on the creative (albeit freezing and
gastrointestinal issue-laden) ice skating date, he's yet to take me to an
actual meal and, he's also yet to actually CALL me.

Almost Doc, however, loooves to call. I can't always/don't always answer so I usually text him back. Hilarious, he never responds to those! Just calls.  Oh, did I mention, as he had a death-grip on my hand over our last dinner, we were discussing my upcoming 9-day biz trip to LA. 
He ainformed me he's off next week [aka available to join me??!] and b) he's "going to miss me SO much." Oh dear god, I think I just almost vomited on my keyboard as I typed that. WHY am I still enabling this relationship? Ew. Must. Stop.
BFWB and I saw PRINCE, time #2 last night and it RULED once again. The Chef and I were texting periodically during the night  and continued as I got home and began some prelim packing for LA at 1am. [totes normal in Lindsey-land]. He then invited me to meet him for a drink "later on" if I was so inclined. Um...hi, vampire Chef. In an hour it will be 2:30a. On a Tuesday. (Ok technically Weds). Yeeeah, some people have to, you know, work during NORMAL hours. Hellooo-o! Oh well, at least it's amusing. Damn service industry. Haven't I learned anything yet? 
And last, El Señor. I found out he's currently in LA and staying at a literally across the street from where I will be staying. ¡DANGER! But, possibly also, fun.  Ah...who the hey-sus knows what it is.  

I'm kinda thinking LA might be a good opportunity for me to get those "coffee beans" I've been looking for. [I recently posted that I feel about the current Line-Up of menfolk the way I sometimes feel when I go to Sephora. You smell so many perfumes, and then you can't smell ANYTHING.] I could use a good head-clearing [and a nice facial, now that I look in the mirror. Oh, hey there dead, dry skin cells] to gain some perspective and see how I feel.  
Scratch the whole line-up? Perhaps.  
But, maybe that's too rash.  Let's just see what goes down. 
And, let's see if SoCal mans up tonight...fingers n' toes [loosely] crossed!

Back to you soon from the Left Coast. Fab-a-dabba-dooo!


  1. wait, if some south-o-the-border people are at shutters, where is the lindz going to be?

    ps, don't leave me here in frigid nyc to fend for myself.
    i miss you already.

  2. "He's like a fat kid at McDonald's right now, ordering everything on the menu" LMFAO.