Monday, March 4, 2013

Are you there, Blogosphere? It's me, Lindsey...

Oh, hi there. 
It's Lindsey.
You may remember me from such posts as My Bizarre Un-love Triangle, Three Times the Shady, or Disaster In Denver

At this point I'm averaging like 3 blog posts/decade, so I'm sure you're all totally engaged. But just in case anyone is still reading, here are some fun updates.

I'm doin' pretty dang well! I've definitely been on a see-saw the past few months trying to figure it all out, but I'm still in deep bliss with my man Ole Miss. That's about 7 mos and going strong, if you're out there counting. Plus tons of upcoming plans already made. Friend's wedding in Turks & Caicos, summer beach house in Kismet.  The future looks...dare I say...promising?  I dare not say anymore! 

So...I made a random cameo appearance on the 2/14 episode of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" With Andy Cohen, (aka the show he made for himself) in case you've never seen it. A good, long-time friend called the night before the show asking if I could be the guest bartender on their Valentine's show, featuring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. No bartending needed, just acting like a "sad, drunk girl eating food and insisting 'I'm totally fine.'"  So touched he thought of me.  And of course, how could I say no to that? 
Here's what they made me look like. 
Ole Miss said "God, you look like Courtney Love" upon receiving this picture text. I think that meant he was really proud.
And, apparently Josh Duhamel was mesmerized by my hideosity, since throughout the show he kept talking to me...or maybe he wanted to eat some of the 500 things I ate during the course of the show, including a raw S'mores PopTart?

Josh (I assume we're on a first-name basis after this show), also insisted I come and take a pic with them on a commercial break. 
Oh, and maybe instead of shaking Andy's hand at the end he came over to hug me instead? I think he really thought I was that drunk/sad/homeless...
Look out, Fergie.
*If you missed it, I don't think there's anywhere you can find the whole episode but there are some clips on the Bravo site and on Hulu.

Walking home from that taping (spoiler alert: it's not always live!) I saw I had a missed call and voicemail. Remember one of our blog favorites, Almost Doc? He was a recurring character that just wouldn't let go. He has sporadically texted and called intermittently over the last two years. I have never picked up or responded to anything. So, two days before Valentine's day (coincidence?), I get this message.
Almost Doc: "Texas Cowgirl, it's Dr. Almost Doc [that's right. He referred to himself as "doctor"-- is your lunch coming up yet?].  I miss you very much...I don't know why our relationship didn't work out, but i'm hoping that we could give it another shot. Call me." 
We went on THREE dates.
TWO years ago.
Is this really happening? Like in real life?
It's almost too much to believe.  Gotta appreciate the guy's tenacity, but...c'mon. Seriously?!  I of course had to share with D-bots, who's always been a huge fan of his, at some points insisting I get a restraining order and this time, referring to his actions as "DEVILRY."  Hah. I miss you, Hotbot!

Amongst the ranks of former daters, such as The Streak, who is now a very close friend...and also engaged! Mazel Tov!, is SoCal. There are so many posts about both of them from the past that I couldn't decide on one to link them back to and figured you probably don't care anyway. 
SoCal is now a dad. I told you about the moment I found out about that here. But, I finally met his offspring a few weeks ago. She's almost 12 mos old and maybe one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Meeting her felt like having an out-of-body experience.  I also met his BabyMomma, whom I believe I once referred to as FakeBoobs McCougar. In hindsight, I feel pretty bad about that but in my defense, I didn't know her at the time as anything but a chick who surprised my friend with being knocked up. But, it takes 2 to horizontal tango, so I apologize for that name as she's very sweet and seems like a great mom. And SoCal is an AMAZING dad! He's totally in love with his little joy bundle and the whole thing is really nauseatingly cute.
We went for dinner after and had a great talk and he even gave me some good advice! It's so nice to stay friends with people you've once dated. 
Speaking of, my ex bf Champ and I have also reconciled our (his) differences and that also feels pretty great as well! It's hard to have someone who once meant so much to you suddenly vanish from existence just because your relationship didn't work out. So, today's lesson: 
Life is short. Amend what you can.  Even if you once made a voodoo doll of them and attempted to waterboard it.

My wonderful friend, D, is always sending me topical, interesting things that he thinks I will enjoy.  Today he sent this link and I think all of you will find it hits pretty darn close to home. 
Are Nicknames For The Men You Date Demeaning Or Just Good Fun?

Misses n' kisses!


  1. So glad you see an updated post and that everything is going well!!!

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  3. Oh my goodness I KNEW that was you on WWHL!!!! Congrats! What an awesome gig. :) Glad to see you back and hear all is well.

  4. So glad you are back, smitten and happy! Please feed us your hilarious Lindsey stories!

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