Tuesday, April 1, 2014


April Fools???

Nope! I am really, seriously writing a blog post! ...well, sort of. 

Can't believe my last blog post was officially a year ago- WOW. But, I've been a busy lil' bee!  Here's a few updates:

* Still in a wonderful relationship with my boyf, Ole Miss {that's almost 2 years, if anyone is counting}

* Still a Senior Copywriter at an ad agency and just recently produced a spot for an amazing product, Dreamwalk, by Dr. Scholl's starring the über gorg Heidi Klum.
Dreamwalk are super slim insoles that slide into your "meanie" heels and flats and make them feel as fab as they look.  The spot is called "Tame The Shoe" and that's Heidi holding some of the shoe monsters we created.  Check the spot out {here}.

*Still doing voice-over work.  You can hear my voice on a few spots out there now like Luvs, Elizabeth Arden and, the most glamorous, Playtex tampons!

*Playing in a new band!  It's called Tatters & Rags and we have 2 shows in Brooklyn this weekend. I had to learn 10 new songs in 2 weeks so, ya know...no sweat at all. {NERVOUS!!!}

*AND, I've also started WRITING. Like, "for reals" writing.  Mostly essays and short pieces, and inspired by all of you reading my blog posts all those years ago!  So thank you very much for the constant support and feedback. I am currently shopping a few pieces around, trying to get them published.  

*THE BIG NEWS: I won't be blogging anymore BUT BUT BUT! I started a new Facebook page that I would love you all to LIKE it for me [pretty pretty please!]
and also weigh in with comments and insights. 
It's called The Opinion Store- your one-stop shop for perspectives, rants, musings and...yeah, probably shopping. It's basically a place for me to write all the crazy lil' thoughts and ideas that spill out of my brain on the regular.  But in this forum, you can all comment back and it will be sooo much more fun!

So, tell all your friends and I can't wait to see y'all all there!



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