Friday, April 1, 2011

BeautyFull Friday: Get lubed up, Ladies!

I really REALLY feel like writing one of those banal lines here like:
"We finally made it to Friday!"
But, I'll refrain.  Oh, wait...

Anyway, as I said in a previous BeautyFull post, I often get compliments on my subtle but so fresh n' so clean clean scent from the menfolk.  Hence, I shared this fragrance with y'all.
The other top question/compliment I get from the mens, especially in the summer is about the softness of my skin.  It just goes to show how tactile, and really, primal men are, because I am always amused by how borderline astounded they can sometimes be at how soft our skin is.  Well, DUH, dudes. YOUR skin is generally covered with hair, scales and the occasional back-ne [that we love to play dermatologist on!], so no wonder ours feels like silk in comparison!  But for realsies, I have a secret to my skin softness success and I'm sharing it with YOU today:
Johnson's Baby Oil Gel
in Cocoa Butter

Shocked and amazed that it's not some super 'spency, fancy-schmancy product?  Huzzah! No, it could not be more accessible, found in most drugstores, usually in the baby section and generally for about $4 dolla' dolla' billz! That alone is worth you at least TRYING it out, heh?
I seriously used to spend what felt like decades in the bathroom, post-shower.  From all the balms and serums and creams I have to spackle my face with PLUS putting lotion all over my body, I actually considered putting a television in my 2x4 bathroom at one point.  Then, this little miracle came into my life and considerably cut down on my my post-pamper routine.
Here's how it works:
-When you're done showering, turn the water off. [duh]
-Stay in the shower and, WHILE STILL WET, slather the baby oil gel all over your fine self.
-Get out of the shower and BLOT yourself all over with your towel.  
The product actually claims to "lock in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin that ordinary lotion can on dry skin."
(And believe me, as an ad writer, I lie for a living!) 
-No, you will not feel oily and gross afterwards.
-Yes, it is PERFECT for summer too since you've been soaking up those rays.
-Hellz yes it's the greatest thing for bare legs when going out, since legs retain that lovely, sexy sheen without any stripper-glitter being involved.
Find in drugstores or online {here}. 

What's new in ManLand?
Well, last night at a co-worker's going away party, I ended up hanging with the mid-20's chew toy boys, per usual.  What- I can't help it if they're hilariously entertaining!  Anyway, in speaking with one [as he slurred back at me], he informed me that I was one of the few girls at the office with "Hot Girl Status."  I was blown away!  My office is huge and full of some hot, young tail.  
But don't get too excited for me, as very soon after that he also informed me that he is "Extremely skilled at sex."  And he was NOT. EVEN. KIDDING.  
And, this is why I do not spent excessive amounts of time with these boys outside of work.
He did apologize [publicly, on FB] today for his comments.  
Ah, 25 year old verbal vomit is really the BESTEST!

Other than that, not much going on, just gearing up for my SoCal date double-header, beginning Saturday.  Cannot even imagine how this is all going to play out.  Oooh the suspense is palpable!

Also, a special shout-out to the adorable reader who emailed me yesterday to ask my fashion consultation for her upcoming concert date!  I LOVE that you did that.  I am ALWAYS here for those situations, so please, ask away chickadees! 

Happy F'ing Friday....Friday....Friday [DAMN YOU, REBECCA BLACK!]



  1. I am definitely going to try that baby oil gel! Thanks :)

  2. So there's such a thing as baby oil gel. You learn something new every day. Can't wait to try it!

    Confession: I do love playing dermatologist on the back-ne and figured I had to be the only one with this freak obsession. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone.

    Oh, and congrats on your "Hot Girl Status." That's a pretty big deal in my book!

    Love your blog! As always, thanks for sharing your adventures!

  3. oh no, he didn't! ah-may-zing.

  4. ummm, can i just say i love you! i love being able to come read your blog and know i will laugh. and i agree, rebecca black is horrible. SEH-CUR-ITY! she need to go!

  5. The baby oil gel sounds great, but I'm curious, does blotting the gel mess up your towels?

    Love your blog!

  6. Thanks for all the comments, peeps!

    Kira-- I've never noticed my towels being messed up BUT I do use a separate towel for my body and my hair because of it, which would have been nice of me to write in there. So, everyone: use a separate towel so you don't get greasy hair!

  7. I just bought some of this the other day and LOVE it! My skin is so awfully dry - Utah's arid climate doesn't do me any favors, and I hate using thick lotions - they make me feel like I've been slathered in Crisco - but this stuff is great! The scent is nice - subtle, yet pretty and fresh, without smelling like a baby's tush. You just cant beat $4!

    The only problem I had with it was touching my bangs too much after I applied it. I forgot to wash my hands immediately after toweling off and totally had grease bangs all day - oh well, that's what dry shampoo is for, eh :)