Friday, April 15, 2011

MANdate: Sunny in Colorado.

Helloooo from Coloradoooo!

I arrived late LATE last night after a mere 3 hour delay [thanks a heap, fog]. Luckily, I was on an insanely packed flight sitting in front of a row of children from another country speaking rapidly in another language I can best describe as "CLICK."  Nothing says soothing more than the loudest, fastest and most indiscernible language I've ever heard in my life. Right behind my head. 

But I survived and got to see my sister and her bf's new domicile in Denver. Tres cute!  Crazy to think of my little sister playing house with a guy, but maybe that's because we still refer to each other as "Butthead?"  I digress.  

This morning, the 'rents came over from their hotel and we loaded into the van and made our treck towards skiing.  Have you ever embarked on a skiing trip with your 60+ parents? I do not recommend it.  Although, when not all yelling at one time, there are some insanely hilarious moments. For instance, the fact that my mother hasn't skied in about 15 years and is still rockin' the same copper, fur-hooded ski coat. Want photo evidence?

Hey mom, 1994 called. It wants its ski jacket back. 
But not the pants. BURN THOSE!

Anyway, around 12p-ish I decided it was time to get this dumb text business over with, if for no reason, but to put myself out of this bizarre torture I've been going through for no apparent reason lately.  So, I went with the "hi, I'm here" approach [not the exact words, but you get it] and waited to see how he responded.  I could have put it all in one text that I was here, had free time over the weekend, yadda yadda, but I decided [as many of you have advised!] to put it out there and see what he came back with.  
It worked.  
Boulder Boy wrote back about an hour later that he just landed back in Denver after being in ATL and FLA this week.  Can I really blame him for lack o' contact???  Mr. Jetsetter really does travel like a mofo.
Anyway, we shot the shit [texted the shit?] back and forth a bit, just catching up, and he finally asked me about my weekend plans.  
So I busted out a gem.  
I told him I was skiing today/tomorrow with the fam, but had some free time this weekend if he "wanted to reserve me." 
Why, you ask, is this a gem?  Well, if you'll recall, it's something HE said to me before we met up at our awesome Meatball Shop date.  I had to assume he'd remember and appreciate his work being re-purposed. 
So....what exactly ARE our plans?
Well, let's just say plans are pending.  I'm not ready to quite divulge what/when, but if what I think might happen DOES, indeed, happen?  Well, my friends, this story will get about 20x more interesting!
It could also be the systematic end of the story.  But I don't think so.

Thanks mucho for reading, commenting, and cheering me on in this Denver endeavor.  
Standby for more....


  1. I really wish you had some great "hold" music I could listen to while waiting for the conclusion to the saga, "Rocky Mountain Rendezvous"....

  2. This is getting sooooo good. I can't wait to hear what happens this weekend. You are awesome and I am sending good vibes your way.

  3. I can't wait to hear what happens!! I hope it's the good ending version. I commend you for playing it so cool. I have NO self-control when it comes to a slack in communication!