Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dating story #47, An Import. Figures.

Well, I should really do a teaser post more often! Loved all the comments and, without further ado, here's what has happened.


BFWB and I were at a Lucinda Williams concert at Webster Hall about a month ago and, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, ended up meeting up with my good friend, Mon and her bf, Ry. They haven't been dating for long, but I've met him a few times and think he's really awesome. Tall, good-looking in a Luke Wilson type of way. Loves music, is a lawyer, and seems to really have his shit together and also really like her.  So much so, I've nicely told Mon several times to please not f*k this up. Hee hee!
So as Ry and I were playin' around during the concert, I looked up at him and said:
ME: "Dude. Don't you have any friends?  What's the deal!"
HIM: "Funny you should say that.  I was actually just thinking you'd be great for my best friend."
ME: "Go on."
HIM: "Well, he's good-looking (I think), 6'4, and JEWISH...
ME: "WHAT??"
HIM: "...and, he lives in Boulder, CO."
ME: "Of course he does.  Interesting, though, since my sister just moved to Denver..."
Anyway, I basically put it out there that I'm not scared of that and would be open to it, but didn't get the feeling that Ry was going to make anything happen. Plus, he's not on FB so it wasn't like I could go stalking through his pics and figure it out (not that I knew this guy's name anyway).  So, I never thought about it again.
Cut to last week:
Mon was throwing a bday party on Saturday night that I had been planning to go to.  Then, SoCal popped up with the last-minute ticket score to LCD Soundsystem's last show of all time, also on Saturday night.  I figured she wouldn't care since it was a big party plus, she's a huge music fan, so I knew she'd understand.  Imagine my surprise when I im'd her that news and she wrote back "NOOO! The BOY is gonna be in town this weekend!!" 
Oh shit.
Think fast.
Probably can't make it before the show-- too early.  Can't come after the show unless I can ditch SoCal, and that's kind of weird. Especially if we're having fun. 
Friday night???  
[and ps-- what if this guy SUCKS?]
But I couldn't think about that, plus wanted to see her over the weekend since I'd be missing the party.  And luckily they all had plans to go out to a friend's party in Brookland Friday night. 
I had about 4 other plans in the line-up that night too, PLUS, an inferno of vomit going on at work [which is very rare for me].  But, I said I'd make it work.
Friday am I dressed for Friday pm.  Seriously- left the house wearing stockings, a sexy dress and boots at 8am.  Whatever. F*k it! Did a TJ Maxx vo job, went through hell at work until 8p. RAN out the door to meet the girls for margs at Casa Mezcal to celebrate one of my favoritest people, Tons, finally getting engaged to a long-time friend/bandmate/brother of mine.  Couldn't be happier! In fact, I was SO happy to be there and not at work, I downed at least 4 cucumber margs. Aye!  And then took off to Brookland.  Tipsy, exhausted, but hopeful.
Walked into the bar and immediately saw Mon so we went to the bar.  I asked her where Boulder Boy was and she pointed over to the table they were sitting at. 
ummmm....HELLO HOT. I was like, "Oh, it's ON."
He was talking to some blonde chick at the table, and we walked over there, I was introduced and I don't remember talking to anyone else for the rest of the night.  He was sexy, sweet and Jewish--- I mean, REALLY??  I'm still pretty sure he is a unicorn or figment of my tortured imagination [or my mother's]. 
It just felt so EASY.  And I felt like he was into it too.  After a short while he moved to sit next to me, we shared was just easy!
Ok, here's the ONLY bad thing [location aside] I have found about him: He smokes.  Not a ton, but also not just socially when drinking, like a lot of my friends [and sometimes moi. no judging!].  But not a deal-breaker. And, turns out, very helpful to me on TWO occasions in this story.
Occasion #1:
I went out with him to have a smoke later on after being jealous that other people had gone out with him earlier.  We were outside talking and smoking and, I don't remember how it even happened, but he leaned in to kiss me.

Seriously, you know how often I complain about bad kissers.  
This wasn't just a good kiss. This was the ULTIMATE kiss.  Really like nothing I've ever felt.  It actually took me by surprise. I was sooo not expecting that.  Aaaand....we made out, in front of the bar, for at least 8 minutes.  The next day, I didn't even think Mon knew that we had kissed but, apparently, she and Ry had watched the whole thing, quite amused that we hadn't even bothered to move away to a more secluded area. Awesome.
Lemme tell you, I did not care one bit.
We all then left the bar and the four of us headed back to Mon's for a late night jam session.  That's right, people, homeboy is also into MUSIC and can PLAY the guitar like a champ (and even sing a little).  I was in heaven, although secretly wishing to get Boulder Boy alone for another smooch fest. I knew he was going back to Queens [yes, Queens] to stay with Ry, and at around 3am they called cars for us. I tried to find a way to get him alone or to walk me out so we could a) smooch goodbye and b) exchange numbers.  But that didn't happen.  Instead, both cars came at the same time, we had a slightly awky goodbye (although he did give me a quick kiss in front of my car) and went our separate ways.  
I woke up saturday am and could think about nothing else. What WAS that kiss? Who IS this guy?  Did he feel the SAME way about it? And, more importantly, how do I see him again?
First, realized Mon was going to Spain on Sunday and if Boulder Boy and I didn't somehow exchange digits Saturday night, he'd never be able to find me since Ry doesn't have my number and isn't on FB. HAD to happen at the party!
Had to be up by SoCal at 8p.
Mon's party started at 7p and was, amazingly, LITERALLY across the street from my apt. [Fate?]
I knew Boulder Boy was going to be in town through Wednesday for work and moving to a hotel in the city after the weekend, so he'd be accessible.  
The Plan:  Get to the party long enough for one beer and hope the boys were there early and could do the digit exchange before busting out to the concert.  Which, at this point, I could give two shits about going to. [SoCal who???]
Mon ended up coming to my apt before the party since she was early and didn't want to be there alone.  [Great. Boys not with her.] 
Her hanging out in my apt also delayed my getting ready process.
She left and I got there at 7:30.  Boys still not there, I had to leave in 10 mins.
I was literally on the verge of walking out when, lo and behold, they walked in. I was a flustered, blubbering mess.  This guy seriously affects me like none other.  As in "there goes all my cool, right out the window."   So we're chatting for a sec and I've announced I have to leave.  I'm chanting in my head "ask for my #, ask for my #."  But it's just not natural at that moment and I have to keep thinking fast. AHA!
Occasion #2:
I pretend to want to smoke and ask if he can spare one. Of course, he says yes and wants to join me. YES!
So we chat outside of the bar, I'm still a blubbering idiot.  Talking about how I'm still feeling crappy from last night, about how Mon/Ry totally watched us, blah blah.  Now, I REALLY had to leave as SoCal had been texting asking my ETA.
So I say I have to jet but maybe we'll meet up later. Then he says:
"Well, we should exchange numbers."
Filled with relief, we do the digit trade, I give him a quick peck on the lips [eek! bold!] and run to a taxi in total disbelief that my plan ACTUALLY WORKED.
In the cab, I text him to get the ball rolling, saying thanks for the smoke [aka "Thanks for the cancer!"] and sorry for being so special bus right now.
He said I was on it and not to worry.  {Swoon}  

SoCal + Concert
We actually had a really good time together at the show, although I saw that SoCal has a pretty nasty temper as seen when he almost got thrown out of Madison Square Garden for being short/rude with the usher.  Luckily, he ate crow pretty quickly and I did the rest of the damage control [ie eyelash-batting] to keep him there.  Moron.
Overall, he's just kind of a weird dude.  And, I was seriously considering ditching him after the show citing that I had to work Sunday, which was actually/horribly true.  LCD played for FOUR hours and I saw that Boulder Boy had actually texted asking how the show was. Wee!  But, it was already so late plus we ended up meeting up with bestie Rayza and her hubs, getting street meat and eating it at SoCal's after.  By that point, I figured I'd not chase after a boy at post-1a and set something up for the next day.  Plus I figured it would make me look cooler if I didn't meet up anyway.
So, I told him I was going to pass out [he didn't need to know WHERE I was doing so], but was he around Sunday night?  
Him: "I am...Wanna reserve me?"
I told him yes, please and asked if he required a deposit.  
Then I woke up to SoCal's dog licking my ass in the morning. Not even exaggerating. Now, I live for dogs, but not at 7a with their tongues on my wobbly bits. He, however, has no control over said dog. Interesting, huh?
Luckily, the other cheek was safe as I had to race outta there to get to work! 
Worked all day, through the night but managed to make plans to meet up with Boulder Boy at my fave, Meatball Shop. I didn't make it till 9:45. He didn't make it till 10!  I had no idea how it would go, but it was like the perfect date.  I felt the warmth and chemistry the whole time and he is awesome to talk to.  He actually asks me QUESTIONS and seems to care about and remember my responses.  Plus, I could literally stare at him, I think he's so freaking handsome.  
I invited him back to my, conveniently-located, apt for a night cap [aka makeout sesh part deux].  All I can say is....nothing. I'm speechless.  I've seriously never had anyone kiss me like that.  AND, you should all be very proud of me. We had a lovely slumber party and totally behaved ourselves.  It was maybe the hardest thing I've ever done!  But I know I need to wait with this one.  If for anything, to keep him wanting more.  But having someone that tall spoon you all night is maybe the best thing ever invented.  In fact, I named it something new:
The Ladle.
And the next morning, when I usually feel like the minute you get out of bed, the "spell is broken" with the guy? Nope. Not this time.  Just as affectionate and normal as the night before.  We even shared a cab uptown and snuggled up the whole way there.  Once again, is this guy real?  I mean if he lived in NYC he would be CHASED after and TACKLED.  And, does he really like me????
I met up with him again super late-night at his amazing hotel suite after his client dinner Tuesday night. We slept in Weds am, and had lunch and coffee outside. I think I am addicted.  And, guess what?
It just so happens I am going to Denver next week to meet my family out there to ski and celebrate Passover.  Again, fate? 
So as we kissed goodbye, he said "See you in Colorado next week?"
I am sooo hoping that happens.
I am really worried now that he's left NYC it's going to all go away.  I'm hoping he keeps the communication up in this next week.  He travels constantly and will be traveling more in the next week, so who knows if that will help or hurt my cause.  We've exchanged a few texts since yesterday, but I'm really starting to freak out about it. I almost didn't want to blog about it because I'm afraid to jinx it!
I know, I know. "What is for me will not pass me by."
But GOD. I really think this is for me. 
I know it's very soon, but something feels different here. I just hope he feels it too.
As for now, I'm going to back off the communication and hope that causes him to reach out.
So, readers:
1) if you made it to the end, thank you!
2) any advice?
3) Say a prayer/send the universe good energy for me here.  For the first time in YEARS, something finally feels right
I'm so SMIT!


  1. Squeeeee!! I was so afraid it was SoCal for a minute there! He sounds super adorable! Love it!

  2. When I was single and slutting it up and using guys like sticks of spearmint gum I always liked the guys okay, utill I met my husband and I felt the exact same way you did! He traveled 5 days a week and was super independent and a total ladies man, and I totally hooked him by letting him text me and not being too out there. I hope this works out! He sounds sexy and cool. Can we all make out with him? The viewers need to know.

  3. I LOVED this post!!! I am so happy for you and sending good thoughts your way! How can something so perfectly work out like this if it's not meant to be, right? I think good things are to come!

  4. I am so HAPPY for you. Sending lots and lots of good energy your way. Don't think about things too much. Just have fun.

  5. LOVEinvg all your comments!
    Lauren-yes you can make out with him if you tell me what you mean about letting your hubs "text you and not being too out there." care to expand on that???
    Laurel, great advice. Hard to do but will try!
    Life is good, I agree! ;) thanks for sending me some happy thoughts!

  6. Try and find a happy medium between playing hard to get and letting him know you are interested. All in all, I agree with Lauren--for the most part let him chase you. Let him initiate the calling, texts, dates.

    Sending positive thoughts your way!

  7. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I'm married now, but I think everyone loves it because we've all been there (or at least I have). And I agree with the other girls...fight off the urge to text/call and let him chase you...silly that you have to play these games, but I think all guys like a challenge :) Maybe living far away will be a blessing in disguise, he'll have more of a chance to miss you!

  8. I'm having mixed feelings about this....On the one hand, I am loving that you found this cute boy! On the other....if things work out, I will miss all the crazy dating stories! But, like you I am sure, I would like to one day quit with all the drama and have my dating stories end. So excited for you!

  9. "What is for me will not pass me by." I love this. I am making this my new mantra.

    May I be so bold as to over-psychoanalyze you for a second? All I know about you is what I've learned from 47 blog posts, and while I have many strengths and passions, psychology is definitely not one of them. Anyway, I sense a change in you, especially in your approach. I think it's wise to back off the communication, but be engaged enough to keep things moving forward. Don't fret and don't freak out. Of course it's ok to get excited, and it's more than ok to be yourself. I wish you the very best!

  10. Becca, don't get worried yet! I think we are still a long way away from no more dating stories, as much as I'd like to quit the drama too! Fingers crossed, but i'm thinking this will be more of a marathon than a sprint...

    Erin- I must give props to the quote. It was once said to MIM by a wonderful, older Irish woman. And it was more like "What is for ye will not pass ye by." I seriously repeat it to myself daily.

    HAPPY to be psychoanalyzed! I'm just curious by what you mean by a "change in me/my approach." Care to elaborate?

  11. darling, just roll with it. stop stressing. i swear, you've already picked up smoking now (evidenced by our rooftop re-live of this post). so for the love of all that is holy, take a valium, drop the cigs & hug yourself for whatever good fortune is FINALLY heading your way. x

  12. I have butterflies for you! I hope it works out for you, I really really do. If only you can both quit smoking together. :) (sorry about the smiley face, i really hate those, but you don't know me, so i needed you to know i'm not judging)


  14. First-time caller, long-time listener.

    It's always good to read your blog, Lindsey, even when things are meh and the boys are SoWeird, but it's much more fun when you are so enthused. I'm happy for you.

    I like Laurel's advice. Don't think too much; it can only hurt the team. Missy's right -- the games are silly -- but here's where I think she's wrong: you don't have to play them. Things are hard enough without turning yourself into a challenge, aren't they?

    Work is for the office, games are for kids.

    Sending only good thoughts your way.


  15. this is the best. i need to know more stat! xo

  16. first, i am dying for an update. i take a break from finals studying to blog jog and you didn't update which did not relieve my stress. so i am sad and now i am going to shower and then use the baby oil gel for the first time

  17. he sounds adorable!! im sending good universe energy your way. have fun in colorado!

  18. oh p.s., im moving to texas next month! any advice or good places to go?

  19. Love D's comment. He (She?) must listen to Jim Rome.