Friday, September 2, 2011

Dating Story #65, One Wild Week

Holl-aaaa, FRIDAY!!

Getting that Van story outta the way really felt liberating and motivated me to keep the boat a' motorin!

Upon returning from the Canada craziness, I realized I had tix to Death Cab for Cutie at the Williamsburg Waterfront , a cool outdoor venue in Brookland with a sick view of our fair city right across the water.  Then, I realized I had no date/friend for this show.  I guess I had been holding out for something "magical" to happen, and then totally forgot about it.
So, I did the right thing. I asked SoCal.  
He responded immediately that he was getting back from Buenos Aires the day before and "Heck yeah!" he wanted to go. Sweet!
Yeah, yeah I know how you probably feel about him. But, remember the Love Compartment? Well it's still working out PERFECTLY, thank you very much. SoCal totally serves a purpose in my life, and it's random dates that usually involve seeing live music.  Honestly, it's kind of the perfect arrangement. 
Although it had been awhile since I had seen him, and before I got there I was kinda thinking about beginning to put him into the FRIEND ZONE. Why not, right? It may make it easier to hang out, i.e less pressure for him. Plus, he still kisses like a confused lizard and I'm pretty sure that's not going to change.
But of course, I got to the bar we were meeting up at and 
a) he had drinks waiting for me {Swoon!}
b) he's still pretty damn hot
c) he seemed genuinely really happy to see me!

Ah, shit. No friend zone for you, SoCal...YET.

So we had a few drinks and then strolled over to the venue, both catching each other up on what we've been doing. In a strange way, it was like talking to a familiar friend.  Guess it makes sense since we've been on/off hanging out since DECEMBER!  He definitely wins for longevity...kinda...sorta.
We got to the venue as Death Cab began their mellow rock crooning but we were more into the view, so we stood and watched the sun set over the City, and chatted with the band as our soundtrack for it all. Pretty awesome, actually!
It was a gorgeous night and we had a great time, over several  strong cocktails. We decided to beat the Brookland hipster-train traffic and left the show a few mins early.  When we got back to the city, it was still early and too dang nice out to put this Texas flower inside four walls.
So, even though SoCal's jet lag seemed to be setting in, undoubtedly helped by our drinks, he said he could handle one more.  We headed to the swanky and often douchy Gansevoort to hit the roof deck. [sidebar: gauge the douche factor by going to that link. Just do it.]  But once inside, SoCal spotted a pool table and decided he'd much rather do that.  I like me a good pool game every so often so I obliged. I also made friends with the bartender, a fellow Texan, who fell in love with us and thought it would be really nice to give us lots of free tequila-infused cocktails. Aye yi yi!
SoCal and I had some great pool games and I totally held my own (for awhile at least), which totally engaged his ├╝ber-competitive side and, apparently, really turned him on. The flirting was epic and pretty funny.  
After awhile, we had our fill of pool and drinks (mostly drinks), and decided to walk out. I assumed SoCal had suggested the Douchevoort because of its proximity to his apt and desire to get me back there. But alas, as we walked out of the hotel he said "Let's get you in this cab!"
Oh. Oh- okay...yeah, sure....
He apologized for his jet-lagged state and I understood. I was quite drink-lagged by then and couldn't imagine what that must feel like coupled with traveling back from Argentina. Okay, SoCal. You're forgiven.
But the night was too nice, and I had flats on [not to mention a nice buzz on], so I exclaimed "No thanks, I'm walking!"
Him: From HERE? Lindsey, that's kinda far!
ME: Nah! I'm great! Byeeeeeee!
I gave him a quick smooch on the mouth and bounced off down the street.  I truly had no idea if I could make the walk all the way back, but I figured I'd go as far as I could. 
As I found myself wandering through the West Village, I realized I was passing right by Wilfie & Nells, a Wild Wednesday favorite spot, not to mention one with an extremely high success rate! 
Also, have I mentioned that my new favorite thing to do is sit at bars alone on a chill night (aka not weekend)? I swear, you meet the most interesting people that way, and it's almost like the pressure is totally off guys when they know you're alone, or "meeting up with a friend" [who is imaginary] in the case of that night.
Anyway, once I walked in I noticed a really cute guy waiting for the bathroom and, suddenly, I had to pee!
I chatted him up in line and he was very easy to talk to. Then, I pretended to struggle with the bathroom door--ok, it IS slightly like a giant barn door, so it's not that crazy. He chivalrously helped me open it and we exchanged some funny pleasantries.
Hot damn! I was totally going to find this guy at the bar post-pee.
And, that I did. He was with a group of friends and I held court with all of them. The more I talked to this guy, who we'll call Roc, the more I liked him. He was just easy to talk to and I got no tool-ish vibe from him at all. Just seemed like a cool, down-to-earth dude. 
However, if he was down-to-earth, I was balls in the air! I couldn't drink another drop at that point and knew I had to head home, STAT.  So I said my goodbyes and, thankfully, Roc had the good sense to get my digits. Woop!
He was going to Costa Rica the next morning for two weeks though, so he said we should try to catch up when he was back. No arguments here!
I floated home, laughing to myself at how an underwhelming end to a SoCal date (coupled with my insanity) had led me to meet a really awesome-seeming guy.
Roc and I texted a bit the next morning before he left town and he reiterated we should meet up when back. I like a guy who doesn't forget promises [ahem...6'4!]

I knew two weeks would be a long time and hoped Roc would remember me after such an epic trip, but then again, I had travels of my own to embark on.
I was headed back to Portland to finish the job I worked on there a few weeks ago and decided to hop on over to LA to visit bestie Jendel for the weekend, since it had been waaay too long.
Our beloved Bob!
Since I knew I'd be in LA, I mentioned it to Beans&Cheese earlier that week when we were gchatting. He seemed somewhat ambivalent and just told me it was "his boy's bday and it might be complicated." I was like, "It's his bday the WHOLE weekend?" To which he explained just Saturday night, big party, blah blah.  So I mostly wrote it off. I thought maybe I'd hit him up late night on Friday, but seeing as my brilliant ass locked the keys in my rental car in Portland on the way to the airport and missed my first flight to LA, I ended up getting in later and decided I really didn't want to devote time to anyone but Jendel on this quick trip.  Plus, she surprised me with a plan to see one of our Austin faves, Bob Schneider, playing that night at the Troubadour. Amazeballzmegafunsville! 
On Saturday, Jendel and I were headed to do our favorite sport, shopping, when I received a text from B&C inquiring how LA was treating me that weekend.
Color me surprised to hear from him on his own accord! Maybe he was going to tell me to stop by the party later?? Just a lot of lackluster, non-conclusive texting ensued with no point at all really.  Later, a kinda lame invite came but at that point, I was beyond the point of caring. I was also beyond the point of buttoning my jeans due to wild dinner gorging, so I was pretty much done for the night, despite Jendel's encouraging me to go out if I wanted to. What a great bestie! But, I was in "F'k him" mode and also, food-coma mode. So, nighty-night for me!
I passed out at such a decent hour that I woke up at 7:30a wide awake. I looked at my phone to see:
-TWO Texts
-A missed call
All from B&C!!!! 
Amazing how once his "boy's" bday party was over, he was looking for a Lindsey party!
I was looking for a Pepto Bismol party, but that's beside the point.
So I wrote him back, one of my fave moves ever:
"Hey, just saw this. Crazy night, phone died. You guys have fun?"
He responded 15 mins later, just a little before 8am, wanting to know all about my night, etc.  I kept it very vague and "too cool for school" and it was clear the effect it was having on B&C.
HIM: "What are you doing today?"
ME: "Not much. Brunch at 11."
HIM: "What are you doing until then?"
ME: "Um...laying in bed, I guess?"
HIM: "Nope, you're coming over."
ME: "Hah, you're funny."
HIM: "And, I'm serious. I want to see you before you leave. You're only 8 mins away from here!"
Yet...neither of us had a car.
So guess what he did? Called me a cab and PAID for it!
I felt like a bad high school girl sneaking out of Jendel's house sans shoes on, so as to not wake her and her BF with the creaky floor. 
It was definitely another one of those "Am I REALLY doing this???" moments, yet I have zero regrets.  I had a great time and was back just as everyone was waking up.  See how productive I am on the West coast?! 
All in all, a great trip out to the Left coast and a lovely lead-in to my week away in Fire Island. 
With BFWB.
And, friends.
You know, "frieeeends."

Stay tuned, faithful followers. The next couple stories are some GOOD'ns!

For now, happy laborious day weekend!  Try not to labor n' stuff.


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