Friday, July 29, 2011

Dating stories #60-63, Back on the block and ready to rock, y'all!

Holy cannoli, do you people HATE me by now?  'Cause I kinda hate myself!

I had to pee 3 times while writing this. Just giving you a head's up. {y'welcome!}


#60- Irish

Irish was only in town for 2 weeks but I managed to see him 3 times!  Maybe one of the nicest, most genuine (not to mention RIPPED) guys I think I've ever met. Doesn't drink [just because he doesn't like it, not because he's an alkie] and is just high on life. So fun, positive, upbeat.  Figures he'd live halfway across the planet.  But he claims to want to move to NYC. Not that I'd really see that going anywhere, but we've kept in touch every since and he loves to sent me "HeyTell" messages on my iPhone, which is awesome because I get to hear his adorable Irish brogue on the regs.
Last night I got one that started with "Where's me gal?" Ahh. So so cute. 

#61- Beans&Cheese

2 weeks ago, the lovely MIM [and Stella the wondernugget!] joined me out in Kismet, Fire Island (aka my happy place) for the weekend. We've had a history of megasuperfuness out there and this weekend was certainly not lacking in that. The night before MIM came out, I met a guy at the [one] local bar who was kind of a dead ringer for Adrian Grenier, aka Vinny Chase on Entourage. So when I told MIM about him the next day, she thought I was saying "Beans&Cheese," therefore that is now his name.  Beans&Cheese and I had a fun time the night before and bonded over a love of music.  His dad is part owner of a house on Kismet and he's been coming out for 15 years, but recently moved to LA so he was just back for a visit.  Nothing happened on Saturday night, and I honestly couldn't tell if he even "liked me" liked me, or just thought I was cool.  Plus he was hanging around with a really young 20's crew who I could only tolerate for a limited time, coupled with the fact I heard a rumor tacos were being sold somewhere down the street.  So, I bolted.  
He was on the beach playing volleyball the next day and I pointed him out to MIM, who took issues with his head & chest hair. But neither bothered me. 
After volleyball, he came to chat and asked me to play Kadema (paddleball), so we did that for awhile and the flirting began. 
When he found out we were staying over Sunday night, we all made a plan to hang out, mostly because we wanted to see the sunset from his AMAZENUTZ balcony, aptly named "Blue View Terrace."
We exchanged numbers and the flirting continued. It seemed to be pretty ON to me! 
He came over to make tacos with us and, over the course of the night, somehow became convinced that he, MIM and I were going to have a lovely little menage. This is hilarious because:
A) MIM=mormon. Right.
B) MIM= has boyfriend.
C) MIM & Me= best friends. [=gross!]

MIM took a shower later and he decided that would be a good time for us to make out.  He also informed me that the whole "3-way" thing was just purely for his own amusement, since he loved the rise he was getting out of MIM. Full disclosure-- I had been drinking for several hours and was somewhat incapable of sorting this all out.  So I decided to shower and then go to bed. And B&C decided to have a bunk-bed slumber party with me. Sexy, no?  Apparently this very much upset Stella who must've convinced her little Maltese self that I was being attacked by a man since she likes to keep all her girls in one place/bed. The next morning, she was sooo happy to see that I survived. 

We left the beach the next day but B&C and I continued to text a little bit back and forth through the earlier part of the week. I knew he was also going to be out the following weekend and I was hoping to keep in touch, enjoying the prospect of some summer lovin' waiting for me in Kismet, should I desire it.

I arrived out in Kismet the following weekend with a new crew of housemates and, a rather rowdy one at that. Funsies!  I was having a grand ol' time with them, but still keeping my eye open for B&C.  I discovered him on the beach that day playing volleyball.  He gave me a wave as I got to the beach but that was pretty much it.  I was talking to a fellow volleyball player/friend of mine so he said hi, but I was wondering if he was worried I had any expectations, so I played it pretty cool.  I didn't end up seeing him on Saturday night, but had so much fun with my friends I really didn't care.  Not to mention the 20 min convo I had with Roger Sterling at the Kismet Inn, totally wasted. WIN!

Sunday was an epically gorgeous day on the beach and I just did not want to leave. Not to mention, I knew leaving meant getting back to the city, packing for my week long trip to Portland and Vancouver and getting on a 6am flight the next morning.  So when B&C asked me to play paddleball, I gladly obliged.  But I figured I should pack it in awhile after that, so I left the beach to make some food and eventually head back.  I said goodbye to him as I was leaving, knowing he'd be heading back to LA and I wouldn't see him again.  He was with a posse of dudes so I basically got a high-five as I said goodbye. Awesome.  About 5 mins after I got back to the beach house I got a text from him:
B&C: Hey are you leaving today?  [had already told him I was. Non-listening idiots. All of them.]
Me:  Yes, but not for a bit.  About to grill some hot dogs. Want some?
B&C: Yes I'd love 1 or 2! Watching World Cup Soccer Over here- wanna join?
{Sure! who the hell needs to pack and/or be a responsible adult?? Besides, there's still plenty of ferries to take!}
Me: Yeah, ok. I hope you're not just asking b/c you want your food delivered.
B&C: I do, but I want you delivered too.

Oookaaay. And I'm off! I arrived at their awesome house, hot dogs in hand and had a great time watching the game with B&C and his bro, who I hadn't met yet.  B&C was totally bragging on me, telling bro about my VO stuff and all the weird/funny vocabulary I had.  Whaat?
It's like this quasi-ADD guy became suddenly awesome when he could focus on just me without distractions.  This confirms my friend's theory of men's inability to multitask. And how!
After soccer, we adjourned to the gorgeous rooftop, had a drink and just talked a bit while the sun began to sink. Since their house is also ALWAYS full of random people, he decided we should take a walk back to my house since it was empty.  Um...ok! We got back there and I was curious of his motives. Unbelievably, he just wanted to sip some beer, cuddle with me on the couch and talk. Advertising, music-- mostly music, since we realized we have that in common.  I informed him I was leaving on the 7:50p ferry. He informed me "No way." Somehow, B&C convinced me to take the LAST ferry off the island at 9:35p.  I got home at midnight. Began packing for my west coast trek, went to bed at 4a, got up at 5a and left for the airport. 
Who. Am. I?
As I walked through the airport at 5:45am, I thought to myself, "Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. Which, at this rate, could really be any day now." 
Regrets? None. 
This is what summer is all about, right?
And, B&C and I have continued to text ever since, and shared tons of music back and forth. Looks like I have a new buddy!

#62- 6'4

So, 6'4 (also known to close friends as "SomeE" for the hilarious Some-ecard he sent me after our first date-- about 1.5 mos ago) is, shockingly, still in the picture. 
And, quite frequently at that.  Awhile ago, I had talked to my fab and wise friend, Sexy Sue about having a little convo with 6'4 to the tune of "You're a business man. So I'm going to approach you that way. This needs to go somewhere or else I'm going away."  Sexy Sue put the kabosh on that one!  And, she was right to. No guy wants an ultimatum (before he really deserves it anyway). And what was the harm of just having entertaining virtual chat anyway? At the point, I felt kind of removed from anything happening anyway so I figured let's just see what happens.  It's like an experiment.
So, what's happened?
Well, 6'4 seems to be coming more attached to me. Or, at least virtual me.
I never initiate conversation, it's always him. And he started to talk more and more about getting together, but not in "real" terms. Until he finally did. He was texting me from a biz trip in LA and said he wanted to get together upon his return. He said he could do Friday or Monday.  Since I was leaving for Portland on Monday, I agreed to Friday.
Of course, Friday rolled around and....yep. Never heard from him.  Sure, I could've checked in. But- screw that. I'm not doing that anymore. You wanna hang out, you make the plans and get in touch, boys. 
And honestly, if ANYTHING good could have come from my hurt feelings with Boulder Boy, it's the fact that I no longer get excited too soon. I've set the bar very low and this is really working for me. So...thanks? Boulder Boy? [no, not really].
Anyway,my fab BFWB cheered me up, told me to get gussied up so I put on my fave heels and we went out to eat and, naturally, do flaming absinthe shots. Perfection!
Even better? While waiting in the bathroom line, I ended up sampling a huge bday party table's food and a cute guy passed me a note in the resto:

He looked super cute but when he passed by our table to say hi and tell us to meet them at the party, BFWB and I both confirmed the same thing: Too Short. 
I had already made the mistake of giving him my # and he's been texting me relentlessly ever since. Whoops!

So I had a good night and felt I had definitely not heard the last of 6'4, but he was no longer on my mind and, as you've already read, I had an awesome weekend in Fire Island to further take the edge off of possibly being stood up.
Monday, I was working on my computer in Portland when, of course, BING! Up pops 6'4 in my gchat. Business as usual. 
I decided my tactic would be to see if he got confused which day I had picked for our date and wait to see if he made reference to us going out that nice, it being Monday and all. I chatted back and forth with him for a few mins and suddenly he said: "You're acting...different."
I must say, I was tres impressed that he could detect that from my simple chat with him. I didn't think I was acting that differently, but still. He picked up on the nuance. So I said "You're right. I am." 
He said: "Go ahead, get it off your chest."
ME: Ok. How bout I start with "How was your Friday night, 6'4?"
HIM: "It was boring. Uneventful. I unpacked, organized, cleaned my apt.
How was yours?"
ME:  Well, I thought I had plans with a tall (roughly 6'4) entrepreneurial type of guy....
ME: "Awesome."
HIM: "NO! Oh no. I'm so sorry. Am I in deep shit?"
ME: I don't know...
HIM: "Lindsey, I really am so sorry. I guess I forgot to put it in my calendar, where I keep my LIFE and the LA biz trip was total chaos...Please, can I make it up to you?"
ME: "I'm listening."
HIM: "Let me take you out this week."
ME: "Sorry, out of town until next monday."
HIM: "Jesus!"
ME: "I guess good things will have to come to those who wait."

Sidebar: how hilarious is it that this guy who has basically not made plans with me since our first date over a month ago is now upset because I'm gone for a week? 

So, I got back this week, expecting him to ask me out, although knowing I actually had ZERO open nights for him. Finally Wednesday he asked. Wednesday- really?  I informed him I had no nights until Sunday. Again, he was not happy with this response/amount of wait time. {HILARZ!}
He said he'd get back to me about Sunday [probably has to check with his gf or something].
So yesterday, he popped up with a text:
HIM: Are you free to meet up for lunch today?
[cue Lindsey eyebrow raise]
ME:  Ha. Does this mean you can't do Sunday?
HIM: No it just means I want to impulsively eat lunch with you right now.
ME: Love to, but alas, I have lunch plans.
HIM: Well. This is disappointing. Coffee later near your offices?
ME: Yeah, I can do that.

Is this getting as confusing and random for y'all as it is for moi?  
Let me break it down for you:
-Amazing 9 hour first date about 1.5 mos ago
-Text comm ever since
-Desire for more dates not totally apparent until recently
-Will settle for even a 30 min coffee date???

Well, at least this confirmed that he actually wants to see + TALK to me, instead of ripping my clothes off [as I had pondered before as his only motive].
So, we had a lovely little coffee date.
He is just as RIDIC HOT if not even handsomer than I remembered. 
And, now...?
I still have no idea if I am seeing him Sunday.
He's made references to being able to hang out longer/at nighttime/have drinks, yet no confirmation.
And today, another one to seeing me in person. I replied something to the effect of "sure. When?"
I'll get back to you guys.  Or, I won't and I'll just talk and talk and talk about it. 
'Cause, that's almost just as much fun, RIGHT????

#63- Van

I'm out of time! Story to come! And, it's a good'n.
Stop whining. You know you like a little tease...



  1. Good things will come to those who wait? We know about that. Will there be more stories in August, or do we have to wait until after Labor Day?

    Glad to hear that you are well, enjoying summer, and finding something good out of Boulder.

  2. Here's my thoughts; somehow, guys have a radar to know when we are crazy busy. Even if we haven't yet told them. So, then they come knocking and we have to say no....which only makes us more desirable. It's all about the chase, which I always forget, and then am constantly reminded.
    I had the same thing happen this last week/weekend. I absolutely had no time to spare. None. And who keeps blowing up my phone? None other than the boy who two weeks ago, barely acknowledged my existence after date #1.
    I've learned (perhaps to save face?) to always assume that everytime I see/talk to someone will be the last time. Then I will always be pleasantly surprised if/when i DO hear from them. Sad, I know....but effective for my sanity. :)