Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Singo De Mayo!

Holy schmoly, apparently some of you people do NOT at all like the "coming soon" teaser posts!

Listen, neither do I people!  However, they are not meant to drive you [or me] slowly insane.  I just happen to have this annoying thing called a JOB (actually, I have TWO of them) and it's been crazy busy lately.  
And, since I refuse to put up a hastily-written, piece-o-shite post, that's what you get.  
I still have some great weekend stories and I will put them up later tonight, but here's a little hors d'ouerve for y'all.

Last thursday night, Cinco de Mayo, I went to see a concert at Hiro Ballroom by Ari Hest.  
My sister BH first told me about the singer-songwriter with a smokey voice awhile back.  She also informed me that he's 6'6 and JEWISH, not to mention wickedly talented.  Even funnier is BH is NOT at all a gooey, girlie-girl, yet she texted me "Isn't he dreamy?"  Ha! And the answer is a definite YES to that one. 
Anyhoo, she told me that he was coming to play that NYC show and that he always calls for a girl from the audience to come up and sing the duet "Cranberry Lake" with him. She decided that I should be that girl, sing the song and have him fall madly in love with me {even though she would have to deal with her jealousy.}
Half the plan worked!  I made a friend in the audience who literally SHOVED my ass to the front when he called for volunteers, earning me my spot onstage.  He did, however, seem very pleasantly surprised that a) I knew all the lyrics and b) I wasn't tone deaf.  And....that's about where it ended.  As far as a love connection went, I may as well have been a dude.  Oh well. Nice idea, BH. It was worth a shot!
Here's some pics courtesy of Sam at 

More to come, you crazy kids....


  1. I can't believe he didn't fall madly in love. You look beautiful.